Monday, March 20, 2017

No New Fields Soon for Dunwoody High School

As expected, DeKalb once again sticks it to Dunwoody.  A few of us tried to warn remind you (school councils, involved parents, shareholders) that DeKalb Schools does everything possible to screw with Dunwoody.

Remember how DeKalb dangled that carrot of a new turf field, improving the gymnasium and locker rooms, and generally said they were going to do all they could to improve our high school as soon as possible?   Remember how DunwoodyTalk and others told you not to believe a word they say?  

The good news is that the new turf field at Dunwoody High School will be ready for when today's 3rd graders make the jump to DHS.   For those of you with kids in middle or high school now - well, tough luck.  If you want to play on a decent field without risk of injury, move to a new area or apply for private school.  

That retention pond that's getting covered for additional parking?  Well, that's not happening until 2023.  That's great news for those kids who are now just old enough to walk to Moe's (during daylight hours) and buy a Joey Bag of Donuts.  Looks like six more years of street parking for students and six more years of Vandy moms being irritated with parking.

New locker rooms?  New gym?  Never.  

Maybe we need some videos posted of the poor conditions on line like this parent.  The county promised to fix this issue within two weeks. 

This is exactly why our city council should not have signed any deals with DeKalb regarding Austin and PCMS and the ball fields.  That was the only leverage we had.  The city should have insisted on a quick remedy to the parking situation at the high school, at the least, before signing the Austin land swap deal.  

Well played. DeKalb County School District.  You never always disappoint. Our school councils?  Perhaps put something in your charter that says 'Trust No One" (Fox Mulder) so future parents won't make the same mistakes.

Here's the link to Stan Jester's blog listing the proposed construction dates:  HERE