Friday, February 17, 2017

Roswell GA GIS Viewer Full of Features

The City of Roswell, GA, a city full of parks and the real Canton Street, recently launched a new GIS web site.  And the Roswell version is much better than the product offered by Dunwoody.

The Roswell viewer is HERE.  It's packed full of features.  Want to see bike lanes?  No problem.  MARTA stops, routes?  Yep.  How about crime spots for the past 30 days?  Yes, it has that as well. New to the area and want to find playgrounds?  The Roswell site has that as well.

The City of Dunwoody GIS, HERE. is easy to navigate and load, but does not have nearly as many layers (features/amenities) as the Roswell version.  Fulton County (Roswell) may have better data for Roswell to use, but Dunwoody should be able to have access to MARTA routes and stops.  Dunwoody could also add walking trails and bike routes, as these are added.  Hopefully Dunwoody's IT staff and can take a peak at Roswell's GIS and improve Dunwoody's version.