Thursday, April 13, 2017

Dunwoody Class of 2018 - The Nomads

The Dunwoody High School Class of 2018 will go down in history as a great group, able to overcome everything thrown at them.  From classroom to trailer back to classroom and trailer. Crawford Lewis ripped them from their elementary schools (well, not all.  A couple of feeder schools were spared) when he created the 4th-5th Academy.  Remember that fiasco?  Good ole CrawLewis said he was out here in Dunwoody walking the neighborhoods, seeing where to draw new attendance lines.  He had a Sharpie and a 1978 topo map, and just couldn't figure it out. So, we had the short-lived 4th 5th grade Academy of Higher Learning.

The Class of 2018 started at feeder schools, complete with trailers.  Here's a July 2009 photo of trailers being moved at Austin.

Dunwoody Trailer Austin Elem School 2009

Grand Opening of the Dunwoody 4th 5th Academy

The Class of 2018 went from 3rd grade at their local feeder school to the 4th -5th grade Academy for two years.  It was a new school, had an actual playground, and a real grass field for recess.  When discussing the 4-5 Academy with current juniors at DHS, the response was mostly positive.  The kids liked meeting making new friends.  After the Academy, the Class of 2018 moved over to PCMS.  It was here the Class of 2018 was reunited with trailers from Austin and Vanderlyn.  Instead of new trailers for Peachtree in 2011, DeKalb thought it was best to bring ones already in Dunwoody.  We found the following quotes from Valerie Biggerstaff from the Spruill Chesnut farmhouse school Almanac:  "This is awesome.  I'm in 6th grade and get my 3rd grade trailer.  My boogers are still under my desk," exclaimed Jeffy Davis.  "Oh, how cute.  My finger painting from art class is still glued to the trailer wall," commented Courtney Johnston. "Hey look, there's our poster from the Austin 2nd Grade Circus," laughed Ashley Schindler.

Well, the Class of 2018 escaped PCMS and landed at DHS. It wasn't long after the 2018 posse showed up at DHS that trailers were rolled in.  I am not sure, but these trailers may have been Hurricane Katrina stock.  And now, as the Class of 2018 is finishing their junior year, ready to Rule the School, Dan Drake and Superintendent Green send out the tree-cutting crew and haul in some massive trailers.

The outdoor picnic area is a fraction of its prior self, and the Class of 2018 is right back where they started - staring at trailers all day.  But the Class of 2018 is a great group, and they'll be just fine, despite the treatment by DeKalb County School District.

I really hope the Class of 2018 official class T-shirt has a trailer on it

Rumors are circling the air on the trailers.  In an email blast, the school claims the trailers are months early due to permitting.  I do not believe this is an accurate statement.  We know darn well the City of Dunwoody didn't issue a permit.  According to a city councilman, DeKalb sent over some paperwork to city hall and nothing was done with it.  That paperwork was probably tossed into the Manget Way file.  One source tells us the new trailers out front are replacing the other trailers in back of the school, making room for the turf field.  Unfortunately, the turf field is #1 for a few people.  Nothing else matters.  'Let the kids eat inside, cut the trees and take away the picnic area, don't bother adding parking at the retention pond, just give us a turf field'. That's the mentality.

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Come on now. How could Jeffy be certain that those were HIS boogers? My bet is that Captain Kingsley was on loan and did some improv finger painting.