Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Dunwoody Citizens Patrol

The Dunwoody PD launched the new Citizen Patrol.  We've seen the Sandy Springs version for a while now.  We are sure the chosen volunteers are great, but we've created a DreamTeam of citizens we'd like to see behind the wheel.

Shift 1:  Tea Party Norb
No need for a partner here.  Norb will wear not wear a United Nations helmet, defending Dunwoody against Agenda 21.  Godspeed, Norb.

Shift 2: Bicycle Joe & Sustainable Pattie

This shift will be on bike, a wide bike.  The bike will take up an entire lane, and they will cruise major arteries during AM rush hour, to make sure everyone no one gets to work on time.

Shift 3:  Public Comment Joe & Al "stop illegal signs" TD
On a serious note, the city's new citizen patrol should be trained for code enforcement.  Until then, we rely on Al & Joe to rid this fine city of 'Dunwoody Singles' and 'SuperCut haircut" signage.

Shift 4: Princess Comet and Captain Kingsley

No cars allowed during this shift.  Everyone has to Walk to Work or Walk to School.  And this includes DHS students (Exception: 30 cars permitted to park on Corners Cove during this shift)

Shift 5: Heyward and J-CAP
All the signs removed by Al & Joe will be replaced with bigger, better, and funnier signs.
(yes, this is a real shirt, not Photoshopped)

Shift 6: MengHouse Tony D and Gary Ray B
Stay off the streets during this shift.  No further comment.