Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Dunwoody Schools Better With Option A

Many years ago DeKalb wanted to build a small elementary school at the site of the now closed school on Chamblee Dunwoody Road (at Shallowford).  The school board rep at that time (pre Jester, pre Jim) thought it was not a good site.  Years later we instead went to the mega-school size we see at DES.  It was a missed opportunity.  The main school building at this site is gone, but a small gymnasium is still there.  The City of Dunwoody could have purchased this lot, but has decided not to purchase it.  This is another missed opportunity.  Many city staff/officials believe we don't need more green space because we have two parks across the street(s) from this lot.  Too much green space?  Really?  Ask your favorite mayor/council member why the city didn't purchase this acreage.  It's a great spot for a lacrosse/soccer practice field.  Again, a missed opportunity.

Another opportunity is before us.  DeKalb is asking for community input on realignment of the northern regions of the school system.  There's lots of details and lots of bad information being passed around.

The school system has put forth Option A, Option B, Option C

In summary, Option A decreases the attendance zone for Dunwoody High and doesn't have split feeders (kids stay together at elem, middle, high).  That's all you need to know.

Under Option B, we are likely to see larger increases in student growth.  

Dunwoody's campus is the smallest in the entire district.  We don't have room for more kids or more brick and mortar.  Under Option A, we have less students.

No split feeders means that kids from Dunwoody North going to Chesnut will be at PCMS and at DHS.  Don't believe the rumors of kids from Dunwoody North being moved to Chamblee.  Kids from Georgetown will be at DHS.

Some are talking about the $21 million carrot for DHS on Option B.  The truth is, Dunwoody can/will get improvements, even without e-splost funds.  Every year the district spends millions on improvements based on the Facilities Condition Assessment (FCA) and the FEAA. Don't believe the rumors that Dunwoody will never get a new gym or new locker rooms, or a drama classroom.  Do you want a new gym and 600-900 more students, or keep the old gym and have a smaller school?

The Dunwoody School Council will be soon writing a letter indicating their (our) opinion on this issue. If you know any of the council members, mention your opinion on this important issue.  Let's make the right choice and support Option A