Friday, June 17, 2016

Dunwoody Swim Season 2016

Every Tuesday (sometimes Thursday) in June, pools across Dunwoody are packed with swimmers and parents.  Kids are anxious to see friends from other neighborhoods, as are the parents.  It's a great time for all.

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Summer swimmers range in skill.  At the top end, you have the Dynamo swimmers.  These kids swim year-round, and are the kids who rarely lose an event.  They lap your kid in the IM.  They may even lap your kid in a 50-free.  They wear a swim cap (from their club or high school) and don't loan their goggles to a newbie. They won't miss any of their events and they probably won't use a Sharpie to write 'Eat My Bubbles' on their shoulder. You'll see a huge difference in swim talent at the 11-12 and up age level.  

In the 9-10 age group and younger, an athletic kid, who doesn't swim often, can usually compete with a year-round swimmer in most events, especially free style events.  

And there are the kids just there for fun.  They want to hang out, swim a few events, see some friends, and be part of the team.  These kids may not have a swim cap, will go through 12 pair of goggles in June, and will leave their new flip flops and your 30A beach towel at Wynterhall. And they will miss at least one event during the night because they are on the playground or in line for a sno-cone. The great part about summer swim team is that all skill levels are welcome and able to participate.  You may be in heat 4, but you're in the event.  
Spoiler Alert: Only Heat#1 counts toward the team score.  The other Heats are exhibition, but don't tell your kids.

Parents vary in knowledge, and participation.  At one end, you have the Dynamo parents.  They bring a chair, a cooler, and usually snag a heat sheet.  They usually won't stand at the end of a lane screaming for their kid to kick harder or to swim faster.  The newbie parent will be overwhelmed with the new terminology (heat, event, IM, medley, bullpen) and is not the best person to work the bullpen.  In general, the parents all seem to enjoy the meets.  Occasionally, you'll have the helicopter mom, making sure their kid is in Heat 1 of four races, making sure the other team doesn't make any  lineup errors (perhaps counting the number of events of the other team's aces) and raising hell if anything goes wrong.  And they will scream at a coach, protesting a thunder or rain delay.  Every team has one.

Your team's schedule is based on team size and overall record for the past couple of seasons.  And you'll notice certain teams won't swim against each other.  Some folks take this way too seriously.  We won't name names, but a team had/has a legendary swim dad who didn't play well in the sandbox.  Know what I mean?  Well, his team and and another team won't be paired up until that dad's kid is above swim age. Swim teams range in size from 50 to over 300 kids.  The average for Dunwoody seems to be about 100 kids.

Once in a while you will see a tie.  A tie is sometimes really a tie.  Other times a tie score means the event ended early.  And sometimes, a tie is the compromise when one team cheats makes a line-up error but the evidence is not quite 100%.  Yes, teams make errors.  Some teams just throw kids in the pool when a kid misses a heat.  No big deal in most meets (but against the rules), in our opinion, for the summer league.  Other teams (coaches) will intentionally manipulate their lineup for the sole purpose of winning.  They will have kids swim more events than permitted, have kids swim in different age groups, and do whatever it takes to win.  DunwoodyTalk takes partial blame as teams covet the Dunwoody Cup, the six foot tall, gold-plated trophy, awarded annually to our top-ranked team.

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Week #1
Chastain 506                 Georgetown 287
Redfield 404                 Deerebrooke Waters 347
Fontainebleau 355        Byrnwyck 355
Vermack 533                 Deerfield Spalding Lake 233
Dunwoody North 457   Zaban 307
Village Mill 390           Mill Glen 390*
Roxboro 426                 Dunwoody CC 352
Kingsley 392                Wynterhall 352
The Branches 406        Gainesborough 389 

Dunwoody North 400  Huntley Hill 396
The Branches 487        Mill Glen 303
Redfield 446                Deerfield Spalding Lake 312
Roxboro 419                Kingsley 343
Vermack 474                Dunwoody CC 304
Georgetown 404          Village Mill 388
Wynterhall 501            Deerbrooke Waters 254
Fontainebleau 415       Zaban 340

Byrnwyck 493             Zaban 241
Fontainebleau 458       Huntcliff 326
Georgetown 504          Brittany Club 283
Kingsley 417               Dunwoody North 379
Princeton Sq 439         Mill Glen 360
Redfield 404                Wynterhall 389
Vermack 395                Roxboro 395
Garden Hills 433         Village Mill 354
The Branches 448        Hammond Hills 347
 Dunwoody Rankings
#1 Vermack  2-0-1
#2 The Branches 3-0
#3 Kingsley 2-1
#4 Georgetown 2-1
#5 Fontainebleau 3-0