Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Dunwoody Earns High Ranking from Niche Millennials

Dunwoody ranks #2 for Best Suburbs of Atlanta for millennials.  Image that!  No TOD, no strip clubs, no large community theater, and no 12-foot sidewalks. So how did we earn #2?  I believe it's quite simple; provide a safe and clean place to live.  

We keep hearing about millennials want to live above MARTA tracks in a 1,200 sq foot condo and that we need more apartments to attract this generation of taxpayers.  Of course it's the apartment builders and their lobbyists saying this. The truth is millennials like to live in houses as well, not just rental units.

You can see the #2 ranking breakdown at NICHE. Dunwoody gets an A rating for commute, restaurants, and coffee shops.  da wood earns a B for bars.  Apparently Niche didn't make it up to the Dunwoody Tavern on a Saturday night.  We do agree that the Perimeter area could use one more bar, perhaps something like Whisky Mistress. Dunwoody received a C+ for Crime and Safety, the lowest ranking of the categories considered.  The majority of Dunwooy's crime is from the mall and apartments areas.  And there are those among us wanting to make these areas even more 'urban', quoting a developer from Sunday's DHA meeting.

At Sunday's DHA meeting we heard from some seasoned developers (Atlantic Station, Buckhead, Perimeter on their résumé).  These guys are promoting a new development for 285 at Ashford Dunwoody Road.  There is a 15 acre parcel behind Best Buy, with frontage on 285. The developer doesn't need any zoning changes to put in their tall office towers, but they insist on a tower of condos. 

Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Dunwoody Photos

From the AJC collection

see HERE at the AJC

Funny how these 1970's folks wanted bike lanes.  Forty years later this same generation doesn't want bike lanes because most are too old to ride.  Instead they want a theater.

Dunwoody Village. Not much has changed

Ashford Dunwoody Road

Perimeter mall opens

DHA President

Anyone you know? Dunwoody moms always keep it real
Spruill Farm in Dunwoody.  Spruill group sold out to a hotelier recently.