Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Dunwoody Citizens Patrol

The Dunwoody PD launched the new Citizen Patrol.  We've seen the Sandy Springs version for a while now.  We are sure the chosen volunteers are great, but we've created a DreamTeam of citizens we'd like to see behind the wheel.

Shift 1:  Tea Party Norb
No need for a partner here.  Norb will wear not wear a United Nations helmet, defending Dunwoody against Agenda 21.  Godspeed, Norb.

Shift 2: Bicycle Joe & Sustainable Pattie

This shift will be on bike, a wide bike.  The bike will take up an entire lane, and they will cruise major arteries during AM rush hour, to make sure everyone no one gets to work on time.

Shift 3:  Public Comment Joe & Al "stop illegal signs" TD
On a serious note, the city's new citizen patrol should be trained for code enforcement.  Until then, we rely on Al & Joe to rid this fine city of 'Dunwoody Singles' and 'SuperCut haircut" signage.

Shift 4: Princess Comet and Captain Kingsley

No cars allowed during this shift.  Everyone has to Walk to Work or Walk to School.  And this includes DHS students (Exception: 30 cars permitted to park on Corners Cove during this shift)

Shift 5: Heyward and J-CAP
All the signs removed by Al & Joe will be replaced with bigger, better, and funnier signs.
(yes, this is a real shirt, not Photoshopped)

Shift 6: MengHouse Tony D and Gary Ray B
Stay off the streets during this shift.  No further comment.


Steve Barton said...

Half of Shift 7: Coach Rick C. Special attention will be paid to safety of tykes chasing sportsballs in the streets (unsafe because the city does not have enough dedicated athletic...buh-dump-bump).

GaryRayBetz said...

"...Gary Ray B - Stay off the streets during this shift. No further comment."

So if the inference here is that I'm some kind of militant left-wing activist, well, the joke's on you sir, as I'd rather be damn'd than ignored!

Dennis Reynolds said...

Norb will also be quoting fake news stories and conspiracy theories for anyone unfortunate enough to cross his path.

dpgroupie said...

Your jocularity knows no bounds, and is missed when you're absent.

Anonymous said...

Understand that the person who imitates GRB is now working at PCMS in Dunwoody?

Does Ronnie Dee know his pictures and videos are being used?

Max said...

Rick Callihan for Dog Catcher.

GaryRayBetz said...

FYI, Anonymous, if you're going to stalk me, do it properly, there is no one imitating Gary Ray Betz, I'm inimitable. The picture of me that you question, is not of a person named Ronny Dee, it is a picture of me (i.e. Gary Ray Betz) that my wife took of me at my then father-in-law's hotel, named 'Ronny Dee' in Pompano Beach, which he has since sold to retire to his property on the Sinai in Egypt.

But like I said, I'd rather be damn'd than ignored, so go ahead and stalk me me all you want as you have been doing the past 12 years, but please get the facts right; however, when you stalk any of my school teacher daughters, then I draw the line and will contact the police, as I had to do when I had to call the campus police when you stalked my son.

So, I suggest you crawl out out of your mother's basement room, and join the rest of your family for Thanksgiving dinner, unless your derelict ways has made you persona non grata with them as well. God bless, and I hope you find peace in an activity other than torment trolling.

Anonymous said...

You left out a descriptor. Predictable. Damn'd AND predictable. I enjoyed a lighthearted post, but then...there are always the comments to put things in "perspective".

GaryRayBetz said...

And the operative descriptor is "cowardly" for a miscreant troll who denigrates a man and his children under the appellation of "Anonymous". However, you really need to chill, as I know who you are.