Monday, May 9, 2016

Will City Council Approve New Apartments for Dunwoody?

Tonight at 6 PM the Dunwoody City Council will again discuss a zoning change for a piece of land in Perimeter.  Many years ago this land was approved for office towers, not apartments.  A developer wants Dunwoody to change the zoning for apartments (their word, not mine) as well as condos.

The developer is promising a high-end product.  (Have you ever heard a developer promise something built as cheap as possible?).  When asked at the recent DHA meeting about rent rates, the developer said $3,000 for a 1,000 sq foot unit.  That is about double the current rates in Perimeter, and also more expensive than the hot market at the Avalon in Alpharetta.  If you haven't been to the Avalon, make a trip up to Exit 9/10 on GA 400.  High-end shopping, dining, and living.  Avalon has set the bar for live/work/play, and they didn't do it with apartment towers.

DunwoodyTalk will stay neutral on the issue at this time, but we will follow the issue closely and let you know how each member votes on this important issue.  

Also, a funny pic about neighboring city halls, allegedly from a Sandy Springs resident, has been floating around.

Ha ha.  Well, here's another one, allegedly from a Dunwoody resident:

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Joe Seconder said...

Need to start measuring all proposed developments on Vehicle Miles Traveled and the environmental impacts of air quality, etc. The closer employees live to their work, the less a burden on traffic & in building and maintaining that infrastructure. With each new commercial / office building built with out any residential, it simply puts an added burden to our transportation network. There are close to 200,000 people coming to the Perimeter business district each day to work. That is not sustainable. The three cities of the PCIDs need to adopt PAID parking for non-residents and take further actions to dis-incent Single Occupancy Vehicles from driving in & out of the Perimeter area each day. Instead of each property owner or large business offering PRIVATE employee shuttles (there are several), put those funds into employing a PUBLIC circulator with stops every 20 minutes connecting the 4 MARTA stations to retail, residential & employment centers. We also need to have affordable housing choices so that local employees on "average" salaries can afford to live within a few miles of their workplace. Reference: