Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Dunwoody's King John POV

City councilman John Heneghan has been writing a blog for over a decade.  His posts are neatly archived, allowing newcomers and Farmhousers alike to look back in time.

Being the King of blogging, John has rightfully earned the nickname of King John.

Here are a few links worthy of a re-read for many, especially as city folks discuss zoning, apartments, and parks. Thanks, John.  Keep putting it out there for all to see.  John used to be a tad bit more aggressive on the blog prior to becoming an elected official, but we do like both old and new posts.

What if?

 Did Dunwoody set is borders too far to the southeast?

 A quote from the old Farmer Bob

 Seven years later and it still looks the same

Déjà vu

Déjà vu again

And finally, for those new to da' Wood, stop by and read a few months worth of nuggets at The Other Dunwoody blog


John Heneghan said...

Rick, slow night in the Callihan household?

Thanks bud, you know this little blog is a labor of love and as far as me toning things down, I need to be careful on what I say on items that may come in front of me for zoning or decisions, I now walk a very fine line of having inside information on a few things vs my personal quest to disseminate public information.

As far as researching past items, there are four or five ways to find past posts. There are two search boxes that both work differently, top left and the middle of the column to the right. You can see if I used a proper label by selecting the terms on the right side of the page. You can start looking for topics on the blog via year and month or if you are looking for just the documents that I loaded to my servers, you can start with the link below and search for the documents month by month.

If I had to pick my favorite post it was back in August of 2008 prior to cityhood when I created my own GIS System, mapping the new city and all of the tax parcels inside it. It is a tool I still on a regular basis.

Best Map of Dunwoody includes Tax Plat Tool to view all Property Lines.

Thanks again bud.


Tom Taylor said...

Very cool walk down memory lane. Thanks both King John and Rick.

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