Monday, August 10, 2015

Uncle Arthur Throwing A Bone to DeKalb (Employees Only)

Arthur Blank recently sealed a deal here in DeKalb.  The sweetheart deal gives Blank millions of taxpayer dollars to build some practice soccer fields.  Of course, DeKalb County has never really had an interest before in building soccer fields, but when Uncle Arthur comes asking for a handout, the DeKalb political folks fall for his offer.

No need to hire Hyde and Bowers on this deal.  The trail of money is easy to follow.

And the thank-you from Uncle Arthur?  DeKalb County employees (not the actual taxpayers whose money was given away on yet another scheme) can buy Atlanta Falcon tickets at a discount.  This is too funny.  Yes, DeKalb workers can save $3 on Upper Level Endzone seats against the Houston Texans and the Washington Redskins.  Gee, thanks.  

Upper Level sideline seats ($65) and Lower Level Redzone ($110) tickets are available at a discount as well.  No need to speculate on what four DeKalb commissioners may be in a suite at the Dome for at least one game this season.

Too bad the Steelers weren't here this year as I really enjoyed watching the Falcons get beat at home by Big Ben.  The Falcons went 6-10 last season.  

Here's the email sent to DeKalb employees:

Go Falcons!