Friday, June 19, 2015

Dunwoody Swim Teams Week 4 scores

Village Mill 509  Dunwoody CC  284

Brittany Club 429  Vermack 351

Mill Glen 437  Bymwyck 353

Georgetown 435  Gainsborough 358

Huntley Hills 402  Fontainebleau 393

Kingsley 412  Dunwoody North 378

Redfield 382  Deerbrooke Waters 374

Garden Hills 436  The Branches 360

Wynterhall 423  Zaban 361

 Standings as of June 17

Village Mill 3-0
Georgetown 3-1
Mill Glen 3-1
The Branches 2-1
Zaban 2-2
Wynterhall 2-2
Kingsley 2-2
Fontainebleau 2-2
Dunwoody North 2-2
Redfield 2-2
Dunwoody CC 1-2
Deerfield Spldg Lks 1-2-1

Vermack 1-3

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Dunwoody Swim Week 3

With pop-up thunderstorms gaining popularity on Tuesday nights, we've seen many swim meets postponed or cancelled.  We will update as we receive scores.

Week 3
Zaban Sharks 394  Mill Glen  371
A loss to Zaban pretty much eliminates Mill Glen from a Top 5 finish.  Zaban has a great team this season and the kids are having fun.

Chastain Park 485  Vermack 307
The pride of Dunwoody swim has been kicked to the kiddie pool.  Get out the SPF 85 sun screen and relax the rest of the summer.  Too bad Zaban doesn't have Vermack on the schedule this season.  That would be a great match.

Hampton Hall S 400  Fontainebleau 379

Village Mill 410 Kingsley 377
A two-day event last week, due to a postponed event.  Quite the tense environment.  At the end of Day 1there was an issue with event 8.  The teams re-swam event 8 resulting in a Kingsley win, reversing the original outcome.  The Vipers were fired up.  The ref was eating an Oreo Blizzard and calling out 'DQ' like no one's business.  At some point a ref needs to understand it's summer league and not Olympic trials.  30+ DQ's on the night.  Kingsley swimmers setting records all night but Village Mill wins the last four relays for the win.

Village Mill 509  DCC 284
The DCC kids were offering July 4th fireworks armbands for kids to throw races, but no takers.  Village Mill

Zaban 495  Deerfield Spalding Lakes  284
Zaban Sharks are for real

Gainsborough 428  The Branches  364

Mill Glen 403  Redfield 396

#1 Village Mill
#2 Georgetown
#3 The Branches
#4 Zaban
#5 Dunwoody Tea Party

Eat My Bubbles

The winner of Thursday's meet of Village Mill versus The Branches will most likely be city champs for 2015 and all winning kids will win a $2,500 gift certificate to REI and free burgers at VB until the next frost.