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Dunwoody 2015 Swim Season

It's June in Dunwoody, and that means one thing - Swim Meets.

Welcome to the 2015 swim season - long nights at the pool.  Nothing better than seeing your kid early in the meet, perhaps Race 14, then finish up hours later with a relay in Race 82.

Week 1

Georgetown  -  Rained Out

Redfield 419  Deerfield-Spalding Lake 328
A nice win for the Red Devils, but perhaps the only one of the season for them.  Redfield puts on a nice meet with an A rated playground, good food, and lots of moms and dads showing up. 

Dunwoody North 449  Wynterhall  316
Dunwoody North is the real deal this year.  Looking for lots of wins this season.  Wynterhall, thanks to a great season last year, faces some bigger and faster teams this year.  Week 2 looks easier for the Wynterhall swimmers.

Fontainebleau 463  Deerbrooke Waters 279
Fontainebleau, way on the eastern shores of Dunwoody, put in a great effort in Week 1 and walks away with a huge win. 

Vermack 200  Kingsley 200
When you see a 200-200 tie, this usually means the meet was started, thunder and lightning were present, and the parents didn't really want to reschedule, so they call it a tie.Or, a scheduled birthday party won't give up the pool for the proposed rain-out make-up date.  Vermack, the top swim team in Dunwoody since the Bannister/Chesnut/Spruill girls swam in Major Dunwoody's pond back in 1878, may be out of contention for top honors this year. Vermack lost lots of talent this season due to swimmers participating in Olympic training, and also because some older kids were lured away to become coaches.  It's real easy to get a 16 year old to coach:  pay her/him a couple thousand dollars, offer free food at the concession stand, a few free rounds of golf, and a couple of banana splits from Bruster's. 

Mill Glen at Zaban - Rained Out

Sorry, no news on The Branches, Village Mill, and others.  Please send us an email at dunwoodyparent@gmail. com if you have info on these teams.

Week 2

Mill Glen 461  Deerbrooke Waters 307
Mill Glen looks to be a top team this season, again.  With Vermack having an off season this could be the year.

Village Mill 460  Dunwoody North  330
Village Mill goes big over Dunwoody North.  The kids were reportedly fired up with the annual Strawberry Festival in town and wanted to impress and the grandmas and grandpas cheering for the swimmers. Great job, VM.

The Branches 418  Vermack 361
The Branches takes out Vermack.  The Branches will soon claim to be #1 in Dunwoody, but the season is still young. 

Wynterhall 419  Redfield 363
It was close for much of this event, but in the end Wynterhall pulls ahead.  Wynterhall was able to get lots of points in the 13-14 and 15-18 division.  Any tema that has decent swimmers 13+ has a great chance of winning every week.  Lots of kids drop off swim team to work on their 30A tan or play lacrosse or baseball, leaving teams with very light rosters. HizHonor KW, aka da maya, was in the house at the Redfield pool, a welcome sight to all.  Lots of parents enjoying the meet.  I think there were as many adults as kids at this neighborhood rival meet.

Georgetown 450  Kingsley 342
G-town takes care of business and believes to be the new top team in Dunwoody.  Kingsley still has the best social scene (youth and adult), so they got  that going for them.

Fontainebleau  408  Zaban  337
If this were gymnastics, Zaban would take the cake, but it's not.  Fontainebleau moves to 2-0 and we may need to send a DT staff member their next week (but only if we get free hot dogs).

JUNE 9th (today)

Wynterhall hosts Byrnwyck
Dunwoody North travels to Huntley Hills
Fontainebleau at Hampton Hall-S
Georgetown at Garden Hills (on Comcast TV channel 210)
Kingsley at Village Mill (Meet of the Week)
Mill Glen at Redfield
The Branches at Gainsborough
Vermack at Chastain
Zaban at Deerfield Spaulding Lakes

#1 Georgetown
#2 Mill Glen
#3 The Branches
#4 Village Mill
#5 Fontainebleau

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