Thursday, April 2, 2015

Dunwoody 2015 Swim Season Schedule

The 2015 swim schedule has been released, with DunwoodyTalk bringing it to you first.

Looks like Dunwoody North will finally host a few meets.  Did they fix their pool to allow for diving off blocks?  A tough schedule for DN.  Look for a 2-3 season.

Georgetown, welcome to the big leagues.  There schedule looks almost like a Vermack schedule of prior years. 3-2

Kingsley - the best schedule of all teams, all Dunwoody meets.  Perfect for travel and car pool.  We predict a 1-4 season.

Mill Glen will go 4-1 this season

Redfield  2-3, possibly 1-4.  Hosting Wynterhall is always a nice night.

The Branches - tough schedule.  Let's see how creative their swim team lady can get with lineups.  2-3 at best.

Vermack has three wins for sure, against the Dunwoody teams.  4-1 and will repeat as Dunwoody city champs for the 27th consecutive year.

Village Mill - The starwberry kids have a nice schedule, keeping it local all season.  2-3

Best of luck to all.  Keep your head down, kick those feet, and look out for outside smoke!