Thursday, February 5, 2015

Lee May Disenfranchising Residents of DeKalb County District 5

Lee May was elected to the DeKalb County Commission in July of 2012.  District 5 voters went to the polls and elected him to a second term.  He still resides in District 5.  At the time May was elected Burrell Ellis was the CEO of DeKalb.  A year later May was appointed interim CEO by Governor Deal after CEO Ellis was charged with a few (14) felonies and was removed from office (suspended) by Governor Deal. 

In October 2014 Ellis was in court and a mistrial was declared, sending Ellis home, but not back to the CEO job. He is still officially suspended, keeping Lee May as interim (not elected) CEO of DeKalb.  Technically May seems to be the Commissioner of District 5 as he wears the CEO crown.

Lee May has a choice to make.  He claims that District 5 needs a representative.  What he actually wants/needs is someone in the D5 chair to vote along side him.  He needs one more vote to get his way on several issues.  The way it is now, May does not control a majority on the Commission.  Lee May can resign as D5 commissioner today, then a special election will be held for that spot.  May would remain as interim CEO, unless Deal lifts the suspension of Ellis.  If the DeKalb district attorney doesn't pursue new charges/new trial against Ellis, then Deal may be forced to reinstate Ellis.  If Ellis is reappointed and a new D5 commissioner is elected, then May is no longer a DeKalb political celebrity.  And apparently that is more important than anything to May than D5 having a commissioner that past year or so.  He has put his personal interests ahead of those of his district.

Is May in office because he cares about DeKalb and his district, or is he in office for the power?  Or for the paycheck? Or a combination? If May is truly upset about D5 not having a commissioner, he should have resigned (and remained as CEO) months ago.  But he has not.  He is the one keeping the ballot from D5 voters, not the other commissioners.  May could have avoided this issue months ago, but obviously he thinks it's too risky (Ellis coming back). 

District 5 voters, tell May to let you vote!

Quite ironic that May pleaded with Deal to appoint a new D5 commissioner.  Just a couple years ago county officials and others in DeKalb were upset because Deal did appoint new school board members.  They cried of being disenfranchised for removing their elected officials and not allowing for new elections, with deal choosing to appoint new school board members.  Now May actually asked Deal to appoint someone?  We don't think Deal could do it anyway as a legal battle would start to decide of the D5 spot is actually vacant or not.  

Lee May, take the chance and resign from D5 and stay on as CEO. You can always throw your name in the hat for school superintendent should Ellis come back.