Wednesday, November 4, 2015

DeKalb Superintendent Travels to Dunwoody in Helicopter

Having no use for simple automobiles, DeKalb County School District superintendent flies to Dunwoody High School in a helicopter, landing on the well-worn grass field. The quiet Dunwoody neighborhood enveloping Dunwoody HS and Vanderlyn Elem. was brought alive as rotating blades chopped the damp air as students watched this flying machine defy Dunwoody's Creationism logic.

Above is video of DeKalb school officials airlifting in much-needed supplies of #2 pencils, copy paper, and invisible textbooks.

Was Superintendent Green doing a fly-over of Dunwoody, searching for a new site for Austin Elementary School?  Was the flight a nod of approval to newly elected mayor Denny Shortal, a retired pilot?

Well, the superintendent is using the helicopter to visit schools with the highly acclaimed shop class STEM program. No word yet on the cost to fly the helicopter, but we are sure it's enough for Chromebooks for every kid at McNair.

No comment yet on this expense from school board member Joyce Morley.  Morley has been on a rant lately claiming the south DeKalb area schools need more money.  See more detail on Joyce Morley here.  Dr. Joyce is also known as The Love Doctor.  The good news is that Superintendent Green did first fly to McNair, because kids in S DeKalb deserve to see a helicopter as well.  In regards to north DeKalb and The Love Doctor - Either You Want Me or You Don't.  If you despise north DeKalb so much, please support HR4 so Dunwoody and other ares in the north can have their own district.  You can keep the helicopter.


Max said...

When I first saw the headline I thought, Snarkmaster Callihan is at it again THEN i saw you were reporting what actually occurred!

Wow, this just proved how large and unwieldy our school system really is...

Anonymous said...

Delusions of grandeur falsely developed from sitting in the opulence of the "Central Office" ???