Thursday, September 3, 2015

City Elections Update for Dunwoody 2015

Congratulations to Lynn, Pam, and John.  These folks will be on Dunwoody's city council for the next four years.  John and Lynn are incumbents, and Pam is new to council.  I'm sure she's relieved no one else qualified to run for the spot.  Pam is a nice addition to council and I wish her much success.


Steve Barton said...

Who are those additional mayoral candidates?!

Evan Wetstone said...

Stephen Chipka has a long history with City of Dunwoody, the DPD, and former councilmember Adrian Bonser. See

Chris Grivakis has almost no social media or other web presence that I can find.

GaryRayBetz said...

At the unanimous urging of the "Jonathan Swift Society", I shall once again expose my bald pate and toss my hat into the Dunwoody Mayoral Election ring, as a write-in candidate (merely fiduciary reasons for the write-in ballot campaign - ain't got the money for the entry fee).

My background you ask? Well Frank Sinatra said it best - "I've been a puppet, a pauper, a pirate, a poet, a pawn and a king. I've been up and down and over and mostly out..."

Qualifications? Well, I'm honest to a fault - it won't take you 22 years to discover that I'm pilfering. I'll tell y'all upfront that I intend to embezzle the hell out of the office. Unlike my unworthy opponents, I can't afford to donate my salary to the community theatre or the lovely lady's garden club, I need that money and MORE!

My campaign platform? Well it consists of only a few planks, but I'm passionate about each one of them -

No more money for bicycle lanes, and no bikes allowed on the sidewalk unless the rider is 16 or under. Cyclists can ride by weaving their bikes precariously in-and-out of traffic as we did on the streets of Chicago, and we liked it!

Next, I shall commission an artist to include the noble copperhead on the Dunwoody city seal. Then I'll establish a copperhead habitat in the Brook Run Dog Park. I'm not saying that the dogs have to go, we'll just let it be a Darwinian struggle for supremacy and let the superior species survive.

Lastly, I'm the only aspirant bold enough (as well as wise enough to appreciate the tax revenue that could be accrued) to propose a city ordinance to legalize marijuana. Imagine a Dunwoody dotted with quaint hash cafes and, in addition to the direct tax revenue the city would gain, the collateral emolument for the non-drug related Dunwoody small businesses would be enormous.

That's the type of courageous thinking that this city needs, when you have the current mayor feebly compromising by merely allowing beer growlers. Beer growlers? What kind of tourists are y'all attempting to attract with beer growlers? The surviving veterans of the 1923 Munich Beer Hall Putsch?!

A ordinance legalizing marijuana is how we true progressives roll. Screw this "Save Dunwoody" crap. Save Dunwoody from what? Save it from thriving - both financially and socially? I'm guaranteeing y'all that if Dunwoody doesn't pull its head out of the collective ass of its most antediluvian citizens, then expect it to eventually become nothing more than a city-wide retirement community of dour old trolls without any type of public amenities that could possibly coax their grandchildren to visit.

"Write-in Gary Ray Betz for Dunwoody Mayor - the only candidate honest enough to admit he's a whore"