Monday, July 13, 2015

New Bike to Change Opinions on Dunwoody Bike Lanes

It's been an uphill battle for the spandex crowd and granolas to get support for bike lanes. No matter what excuse put forth (less cars, green, no air pollution, millennials) the Dunwoody blue hairs have slapped down all of them. 

Most people view roads as a transportation system designed to carry people and goods from one place to another.  Roads were made for commerce and industry and moving people from A to B.  We build parks for recreation.  When people drive on roads for the fun of it, we call that cruising, and there are laws against it.  Or we call it NASCAR, and we have special tracks for that activity.

Many people are okay with bikers going to work or to the store on a bike, but it's the recreational bikers that seem to irritate people most.  Most people get in their car to go to work, to eat, or to go shop.  The spandex crowd gets on the road simply to ride around in circles for exercise and for their own enjoyment.  They are basically cruising for fun.  And we know no one should have fun around here.

Riding your bike to work or to get some groceries?  Okay.  Riding bikes with twelve friends, riding two wide on busy streets for the fun of it?  Not okay (according to a non-scientific survey published nowhere).

But alas, the bikers have found a solution to gaining more approval for bikes on roads in Dunwoody.  DunwoodyTalk is proud to announce The Dunwoody Cycle Bar, aka the Bike Lane Commando.

The drinking bike is on city council's agenda tonight and we hope for an approval.  The first ride will start in Redfield, then peddling over to Mill Glen, then off to Kingsley. (Kinglsey will eventually have three of these bikes and will act as a bike depot)



Anonymous said...

This makes so much more sense than spandex cruising. Happy people drinking beer are much less likely to flip you off, unlike the 3 wide saturday morning pelotron patrol.

Anonymous said...

I'm fine with bike lanes when it's feasible. I just don't understand why the spandex crowd clamors so for bike lanes and then doesn't ride in them.

Anonymous said...

The spandex crowd doesn't clamor for bike lanes, they could care less. It's the commuters, the people who want to ride to the store, ride to Village Burger, etc. that want the bike lanes. Forget the spandex wannabe's, there are a lot of other bike riders who want bike lanes, and there will be even more once people see others out there. Kind of like the walkers and the runners on the sidewalks that so many people said we didn't need. I've even seen some of the blue-hairs that screamed the loudest against sidewalks use them for their semi-power walks.