Friday, June 26, 2015

Dunwoody Swim 2015 Final Standings

Congratulations to Village Mill Swim Team, the unofficial 2015 Dunwoody champions.

Village Mill defeated Vermack in Week 5 459-319.  The loss by Vermack officially marks the end of an era - a dominating era by Vermack.  For years Vermack set the mark for Dunwoody teams, and they were unbeatable.  A lack of young swimmers and some older kids opting for other opportunities resulted in the team's rapid decline.  But fear not, some of Dunwoody's fastest swimmers still call Vermack home and they'll be back next season seeking to regain dominance.

Winning a swim meet requires strategy.  If a team is weak in a certain age group, a sweep of points by an opponent wipes away victories elsewhere.  If a team has a pair of dominating 10 year-old girls, the two girls can place 1st and 2nd in four events, creating a 28 point swing.  And if the team has two high school boys from Dynamo, they can do the same. Reviewing lineups of the opposing team is key.  If your opponent has a record-setting swimmer in the IM and butterfly, don't put your fastest kid against her.  Concede those two events and put your fastest kids in races in which their ace is outside the pool eating a hot dog from the concession stand. Some coaches simply put kids in their best event without knowing the competition.  A swimmer's times are available.  Compare those times to your swimmers' times.  On the other hand, swimming should be fun for the kids and winning isn't everything (said never by a 1st place swimmer) - but do know score is kept and times recorded for a reason.

Byrnwyck 395  Zaban 374

Gainsborough 470  Dunwoody North 300

Georgetown 428  Roxboro 347

Huntcliff 403  Redfield 383
DunwoodyTalk sent a staffer to this event.  Huntcliff is one of the smallest teams in the league, but always has great swimmers.  Their strength is having a decent supply of high school kids.Many teams don't have any boys or girls in the 18-18 age range and have 14 year olds swim up.

 Mill Glen 452  Fontainebleau 340

The Branches 475  Kingsley 321

Final Standings
Village Mill #1
Georgetown #2
The Branches #3
Mill Glen #4
SaveDunwoody #5

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