Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Dunwoody Tournament First Round Part II

The Do-Gooders Bracket Round 1

Dunwoody YoungLife versus Pebble Tossers
YL doesn't have a home court; they have hundreds.  Their location varies week to week.  They are loosely organized on the court, rotating from a 1-3-1 defense to a box-in-one.  Pebble Tossers has a different roster every week. Their roster is full of volunteers. 

AhaConnection versus Lemonade Days
AhaConnection is the favorite here, playing an Auburn style game.  They like being on the big screen and this game will be broadcast live on movie theater screens across the 30338 and other Dunwoody ZIPs. Email here for free tickets.  Lemonade Days wanted the game played at Brook Run, where the annual carnival sets up, but they were reminded Brook Run doesn't have a basketball court. 

Dad's Bucket List versus Dunwoody Police
We think DBL is more of a hockey group.  We've all seen how wrestlers play basketball, so we assume hockey players are just as bad. The police will win this one easily.  We hear the department gets new Glock 43s if they win it all.

Dunwoody Homeowners versus Dunwoody Chamber
Tough game here.  The DHA is no longer the perennial powerhouse of old.  Gone are the days of Kenny Wright running point, dishing it to power forward Farmer Bob.  Now we have Witty (a nice 3 point shooter) running point but not much support. No big man inside for DHA.  The Chamber is an up and coming squad. 

Open Bracket Round 1
DunwoodyTalk versus Jerome from Costco
Jerome's a fast-talker and quick on his feet, but not match-up for DunwoodyTalk.  Jerome likes the perimeter game but lacks a rebounder.  DunwoodyTalk has a deep staff, and they practice on their indoor bunker court. 

DannyTheaterRoss versus TreeTopZippers
A 10% discount off your ticket for this game if you show your official Dunwoody ID.  No need for a waiver.  The Zippers, as expected, play above the rim.  They are young, quick, and move the ball well.  DTR is out of retirement, pulling out his old-school Chuck Taylors and bringing his bayou style to Dunwoody. 

BrookRun1984Cameras versus Dunwoody Bycyclists
Many of you are not aware of the BrookRun1984Camera team.  It's Big Brother at its finest.  This team takes a photo of your license plate when you enter Brook Run.  No one knows for sure what/where/how long this data is stored, but don't you worry about it! Mr. Charrington is the team's point guard (the team is nicknamed the Ministry of Hoops).  The bicycle posse only appears to be a duplicate of a team in the Twitter bracket.  This squad is made up of the actual bike riders, not their unsocial media friends. DB runs lots of screens, getting in your way constantly.  They will cause lots of traffic in the paint, at mid court, in the concessions area, and all around the arena. 

Dunwoody City Council versus The Other Dunwoody
TOD has been dreaming of this game since 2008.  Expect lots of questions at the pregame press conference as TOD is rarely seen in public.  He plays hoops over at some Catholic school (Saint A's), usually schooling AL-TD in H.O.R.S.E. City Council put out an RFP for new team players, promising new vehicles, annual bonuses and raises.

Best of luck to all in Round 1.

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Brent M said...

Tyrone Shoelaces is healthy and will be playing for the Chamber in round II.