Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Dunwoody 2nd Annual March Madness

Madness is a daily way to describe life and politics in DeKalb County and Dunwoody.  To help reduce stress DunwoodyTalk is again hosting a March Madness tournament.

See last year's HERE

Last year's theme was city-manager based, and apparently we have one of those now.  This year's tournament is geared to raise funds for a new theater.  The ice cream of the past future, dippin dots, is a corporate sponsor, but more money is needed.  It has been suggested the city manager use his power to fund it with a series of purchases under $50,000, but that idea failed to pass mustard with community council.

This year's tournament will be played at venues in Sandy Springs and Brookhaven as Dunwoody has sparse offerings when it comes to active adults and youth sports.  We thank our neighboring communities for your hospitality.  Please continue to bring your dogs to Brook Run and send your skate-boarders as well.  The door is always open at Brook Run.  We'll take a simple photo of your license plate as you enter so we can mail you a coupon for the metro Atlanta tree zip line (rumor has it you get a glimpse of the dog park when you zip from station 3 to 4).

Before we get into the match-ups, we need to discuss who didn't break the bubble.  The SaveDunwoody league had no teams qualify.  The league is on the verge of folding.  Also, Captain Kingsley failed to qualify this year, as did perennial favorite GaryRay.  GaryRay moved on to the Amsterdam Copperheads, a start-up in the EU league.  Many new faces this year, some quite controversial.

Round 1
Twitter League.  The Twitter League is quite the group.  Some names will be new to you, so please check Twitter for these folks.

DunwoodyCriers versus CRS19
CRS19 listens to talk radio all day, complains about the Tech and the Bulldogs, and is knowledgeable about all things Dunwoody.  CRS19 likes to eat at VB and take walks on DV Parkway.  DunwoodyCriers is new - just moved up from Division3, but will be well known soon.

ViewFromWise versus BikeWalkDunwoody
Wow, VFW really mixes it up on Twitter.  Once accused of being a robot, VFW spits out the same things daily.  Wise or not, a tough opponent is BWD.  We're not sure where BikeWalkdaWood came from, or whom plays on this team.  We do know they promote a variety of things like walking and biking.

Dunwoody Community versus Dunwoody PC
These two Twitter powerhouses put out lots of info on unsocial media.  DunwoodyCommunity is the favorite in this game, as long as a car doesn't zip around a bus and hit him.  DunwoodyPC is an unbalanced team, with a narrow focus on cleaning viruses from tennis moms' laptops. 

dhswildcatpride versus YourDunwoody
YourDunwoody is quite the retweeter, but does have some original content, mainly coupons and discounts.  He'll need help to get by the local high school team.  dhswildcatpride has youth on its side and will run n gun all game.

 Round 1 DeKalb Conference
New this year is a bracket filled with some of our favorites from our own DeKalb County.

TeamJester versus District5BOC.
Looks like TeamJester gets a bye in Round 1 as there is no D5 commissioner.  We just need an iris scan, large toe prints, a DNA sample, and proof of being born on Earth from Stan to complete the entry paperwork.

Andrew@TheChampion versus NeonFlagChidi
These two teams used to be in the Twitter league, but both deserted after last season.  NeonFlag enters the tournament after national attention during the DeKalb commissioner race.  Andrew is the anti-Dunwoody team, looking to wreck havoc in da Wood.

MelvinJohnson versus MikeyThurmond
A great early match-up, this game will be live on DCTV.  Not since Dr Walker versus Jay in 2008 have we seen powerhouses of DeKalb meet this early.  Thurmond likes to apply the full court press early and often.  No textbooks in his locker room, but lots of friends and family to help him along the way. Melvin has requested finger print scanners at the gates, but will allow felons in.  Children will be seated in the viewing cottages as indoor seating reserved for friends and family of the teams.

BurrellEllis versus I-CEO May
This game was scheduled to be played at the South DeKalb YMCA, but ticket demand has moved the game to the gym at Miller Grove.  Residents of District 5 not allowed to attend, however.  Michael Bowers will referee the game.  Elliss is a point guard by nature, and is a great floor general. May did not originally qualify for the tournament, but earned a spot after another team was disqualified.

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