Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Deer on the Move in Dunwoody

Hunters across the country anxiously await the 'rut' every deer season.  This is a family-friendly blog so we'll keep it clean.  Rut is when those bucks break their cautious behaviors and seek a few girlfriends.  The past week and into next week seems to be the 'rut' season for Dunwoody.  You'll see dead deer along the roads.  Be careful driving at dawn, dusk, daytime, and nighttime as the deer are on the move. 

If you do hit a deer and it dies, you can salvage the meat.  It's what we call the Original Grass-Fed Meat. No hormones injected, all organic.  Look online for the closest deer processor.  Check local law regarding road kill.  

Hunters donated 2.8 million pounds of game meat last year, 11 million meals. A DunwoodyTalk staffer donated venison just last week.

Many people like seeing the deer in the suburbs, until they do $5,000 in damage to your vehicle.  Or when they eat your crops from your food garden.

Here's where deer belong

Brood of  wild turkeys