Friday, September 12, 2014

Sunday DeKalb Voting from Bad to Worse with Added Locations

Update:  See AJC story here.

 Will Sunday voting in DeKalb's Democrat-only areas decide the statewide elections?  Actions have consequences. 

I was glad to see Georgia Senator Fran Millar call out the elected appointed DeKalb CEO Lee May on May's attempt to increase Democratic voters and not Republican voters via Sunday voting.  May announced one Sunday voting site in south DeKalb, at a mall.  The Sunday voting will be on October 26.  The Atlanta Falcons play the Detroit Lions that day, in London England, 9:30 AM local time.  Watch for some Falcon viewing party at the south DeKalb location to lure in more voters.  

Senator Millar protested and wanted more polling stations opened.  Well, careful what you ask for in DeKalb. So now we hear the kind folks of DeKalb have announced two new locations.  No thanks.  The added locations are nearly as Democratic strongholds as the original location, and in more densely populated areas. We went from one Sunday location in a Democratic area to three Sunday voting locations in Democratic areas.

Who was the negotiator for the Republican-voting areas when adding two new voting spots in DeKalb, Al Sharpton or Nancy Pelosi?

And since when does the CEO of DeKalb dictate voting rules?  Why didn't our representatives on the DeKalb Operations Task Force fight for what they are doing in Fulton and open all voting precincts?

This botched Sunday Voting 'Negotiation' may cost Nathan Deal from becoming the governor and David Perdue from becoming our US Senator.  This botched negotiation may affect the entire country if Nunn wins the senate seat and Republicans fail by one seat to take over the US Senate.  

Where is the Dunwoody location?  How about handing over the keys to the Dunwoody-DeKalb library for Sunday voting?  Or maybe vote at Dunwoody High School that Sunday?  

Governor Deal has learned that no good deed goes unpunished with appointment of the elected appointed CEO Lee May. Said deal in 2013 when appointing May, "This will be disruptive.  But I am hopeful that the appointment of Commissioner May will make this as minimally disruptive as possible."

What's next, Sunday voting in the 'Republican stronghold' areas of Clarkston and Arabia Mountain?

We in north DeKalb are actually funding a lobbyist whose goal is to defeat independent school districts, change the HOST funding to screw Dunwoody of tens of millions of dollars over the next decades, and to generally do all he can to screw over Dunwoody and Brookhaven. He's a former Republican/Conservative now doing the dirty work for the Dems of DeKalb, a true sell-out.  He was hired by DeKalb (me and you) and receives $100,000 monthly for 24 months. His job is to lobby Republicans  against Dunwoody and Brookhaven. How bizarre that taxpayers in Dunwoody are fighting for an independent school district while paying for a lobbyist to block it. No wonder there are forces gathering to prevent Nancy Jester from getting elected. Hey Chuck M., how do you sleep at night? $100,000 a month buys a soul.