Friday, July 18, 2014

Dunwoody High School Swimming Hole Closed, Reopened as Horticulture Class Lab

DeKalb School District official told DT,
"I'll have staff schedule a vendor to address the detention pond in the weeks head."

Dunwoody residents are once again reminded that the DeKalb County School District is full of lies and broken promises.  Forget about the misspent funds, indictments of officials supposedly employed to supervise the education of our children, and the overall corruption of Georgia's $1 Billion Friends and Family program (see a great piece HERE on the Friends and Family program and Stan Jester's brave move to expose it). See WSB story HERE.  A classic black versus white south DeKalb mentality.

Side Note: If the independent school district falls through we really should consider a merger with Decatur, see HERE.

Back in 2010, when Dunwoody High School was remodeled, the school system had a new retention pond built. The site plan called for an open (not covered like at Dunwoody Elem) retention pond at one of the city's busiest residential intersections, the famed WOVER (Vermack at Womack for you newbies) intersection. WOVER is no stranger to controversy so it's somewhat fitting in a cruel way, that the retention pond is here. Some good news for WOVER is HERE - new storm water and paving.  If this project doesn't finish before school starts it will be total chaos at WOVER.

So back to the retention pond.  Since Day 1 there have been concerns about the design, including maintenance, mosquitoes, appearance, and effectiveness.  We havent heard of any flooding issues resulting in the pond overflowing, so it seems as that part is okay.

For history of the Pond, see Bob F's blog post HERE (yes, Bob F used to post interesting topics relating to Dunwoody, then he regained fame on TV)

From Bob F's blog, September 2010
Back to the detention pond. Shawn Hamlin of the architectural firm Perkins+Will, which is handling the project, and Matt Tanner of Breedlove Land Planning, an expert in stormwater, did a very nice job of explaining why the current ponds were necessary (the old pond was not up to code and actually flooded neighbors' yards every five years or so) and why this system will work best for Dunwoody High School. Right now the ponds are retaining a large amount of water. But once construction is complete, the large pond (furthest away from Vermack Rd.) mostly will be a dry bed. Ditto for the small pond closest to the intersection of Vermack and Womack Rd. Only the second small pond will retain stormwater on a regular basis.
As for the pond being an eyesore, DCSS plans to plant Magnolia and Holly trees (likely in October) along the side of the ponds that fronts Womack Rd., which should help. But it won't completely hide the hideousness. In the words of Dunwoody City Councilman Robert Wittenstein, "It's going to be awful!" DCSS seems genuinely concerned with making the ponds as palatable as possible. But again, there's that trust issue.
As you read articles in The Crier and on the once-popular blogs across Dunwoody you'll see time after time that DeKalb County School District promised to maintain the retention pond.  We here at DT are not retention pond experts, but based on what we read it's quite obvious the pond is not being maintained.  

Many will probably say that the overgrown retention pond, with its family of waterfowl, frogs, minnows, manatee (yes, one was airlifted from the Dunwoody North Canal), and various other lifeforms, is more pleasing to the eye than a row of Leyland Cypress around a huge ditch.  Perhaps it is. But one must remember the purpose of the pond.  When the rains come will the pond perform as designed, preventing flooding?  Or, will the new storm water project at WOVER aid in case the pond overflows?  

Cleared or overgrown, the open/exposed retention pond is what all visitors see when approaching Dunwoody High School, a reminder of DeKalb's annual failures.  This retention pond should have been the underground/covered style like at Dunwoody Elem. School.

July 2014

July 2014

July 2014


2010 water testing



South DeKalb's Arabia Mountain High School

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Sprouts Farmers Market Opens in Dunwoody

Dunwoody is home to a new Sprouts Farmers Market.  The official opening is July 16, 2014, but we got a sneak peek today.  The place looks great and will provide welcomed competition to other food sellers in the area.

We suggest taking a walk, bike, or drive over to the new store and do some shopping.  This shopping center has taken quite a turn the past few years.  Just a couple of years ago this center was a ghost town; now its action-packed filled with quality tenants providing in-demand goods and services for the people of Dunwoody.  The store is located at 2480 Mount Vernon Road, Dunwoody, GA  30338.  

I like that one can see across the store, from one side to the other.  No high shelves - you can easily stop anywhere in the store and quickly use visual aids (as in signage or the actual products) to see what you need to buy.  In our unofficial opinion, the store is somewhat of a cross between a Trader Joe's and Fresh Market, and them some.

Of particular interest to me was the nice meat offerings: venison, elk, wild boar, and kangaroo.  DunwoodyTalk staff will be one of very few homes in Dunwoody having kangaroo burgers on the grill tonight, with cold Allagash White beer from Maine.  Life is good.

Sprouts store manager

Dunwoody Bakery goods available at Sprouts, Nice!

Hoegaarden in stock

Allagash White, the new beer of choice for DunwoodyTalk staffers

Random shoppers seen at pre-opening event.  Some folks in Dunwoody really dress up for gettin' groceries