Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Dunwoody Dive Season 2014

Dunwoody showed up big time again at the summer league dive championships.  Upstart Mill Glen captured the B Championship trophy and will move up a division next year.  Wynterhall, with its dive membership/recruiting advantage (a kid can join dive team without the requirement of a family membership at the pool), finished 2nd in their division for the upmteenth straight year. Congrats to both teams.

Redfield and Mill Glen are in negotiations to combine dive teams as Redfield has experienced divers in the older age groups while while Mill Glen rules the younger age divisions.

Dunwoody had several podium finishes at the championships at Georgia Tech. 

6u boys
1st - Max Krohn - Branches
3rd - Louis Ryan - Mill Glen

 6u girls
3rd - Lucy Ruark - MG

7/8 girls
2nd - Marie Harris  - MG

9/10 - boys
1st  - Cameron Tutt - MG
2nd - Tim Bradford - DCC 
3rd - Jonathan Spratling - Kingsley

11/12 girls
1st - Lauren Davis - MG (by over 40 points, dominating)
2nd - Avery Maxwell - Kingsley

13/14 Girls
1st - Ellie Crump - Redfield
2nd - Avery Scoggins - Wyntherall 

15u girls
2nd - Sarah Jacobson - Wynterhall

11/12 boys
2nd - Cole Arndt - Wynterhall

15u boys
1st - Harrison Moncino - Branches
2nd Grant Summers - Wynterhall

Mill Glen showing off new hardware
For those unfamiliar with dive meets, they take place on Wednesday nights in Dunwoody.  Fear not, they are over by 8pm at the latest and for those of you with 6 and unders, they are usually done by 6pm.  If you are lucky enough to be in the north division, away meets can be at such posh places as St Ives Country Club and Atlanta Athletic Club with poolside bars open during the meet.  Vermack has had an in-house team for the past 2 summers, so here's hoping they take the "dive" and become an official team for the 2015 season.  Swim Powerhouse Roxboro joined the league this year.

Many homeowners in Dunwoody subdivisions consider the swim team and dive team to be assets to the community, making homes more desirable and more valuable.


Monday, June 30, 2014

Dunwoody Property Owners Appeal Your Assessment

Although he's not in Brookhaven, local State Rep Mike Jacobs is putting on a clinic on how to appeal your taxes.  I suggest attending.  Looks like local State Senator Fran Millar is co-hosting
(not sure if Fran mailed out something similar)

Reminder - Town Hall Meeting on Property Appeals - July 1
Please join me and Senator Fran Millar for a town hall meeting on Tuesday, July 1, at 7:00 p.m. at Chamblee First United Methodist Church, 4147 Chamblee Dunwoody Road.
Our community has been hit especially hard with property assessment increases for the 2014 tax year.  At this meeting, we will explain in detail how to properly appeal your assessment.  There is more to the appeal process than simply sending a letter that you disagree with your assessment on the basis of fair market value.  However, if armed with the right information, it is a process that homeowners can handle on their own.
The deadline for DeKalb County property assessment appeals is July 14.  Fulton County appeals are due July 21.
We also will discuss state and local issues.

Dunwoody Swimmers at Swim Championships at Georgia Tech

The local swim season in Dunwoody is rec league type stuff.  Lots of fun, kids seeing classmates from different neighborhoods, parents seeing friends from other pool clubs (and once in a while a couple of folks behaving badly, looking silly in front of other parents and kids).  But the real deal is at Georgia tech, at the end of the season.  Time for some Outside Smoke!  (Outside smoke is when a swimmer in lane 1 or 10 (the two slowest entry times in a race) win the race, beating the favorites in lanes 4,5,and 6.)  

The Swim Championships is an event where swimmers from local neighborhoods compete against swimmers from across metro Atlanta.  Many of the participants are year-round swimmers, but many are just naturally talented swimmers putting up great times in June.  You can usually judge the strength (in both quality and quantity) of a swim team based on how many kids travel to GA Tech. But with parents trying to squeeze in vacations before the first week of August not all the best swimmers stick around Atlanta for the event.

You can go HERE and see the final results from this weekend's championships. look for your team and congratulate the participants.

A few highlights:

Boys 9/10  100 yard relay
3rd place Georgetown
Miles Gumbrill 10 Aidan Chen 10 Thomas Rice 10 Trevor Gumbrill 10

Girls 11-12 200 yard relay Record from 2011 stands
11-12 200 Yard Medley Relay
H Robison,A Reiter, I Webber, L Spratling

Girls 13-14 200 yard relay Record from 2012 stands
Girls 13-14 200
Yard Medley Relay
C Knippenberg,A Reiter, I Webber, L Spratling

Women 15-18  200 yard medley relay
4th place Vermack
Charlotte Knippenbrg 16 Allie Reiter 15 IzzyWebber 15Laura Spratling 15 

8th place DCC
Lexi Bohm 14  Ashley Wright 14 Hannah Robison 15 Morgan Plowman 18

Boys 7-8  25 yard free
9th place Georgetown
Payne Gumbrill

Women 15-18  50 yard free
4th Place Vermack
L Spratling

Men 15-18  50 yard free
9th place Vermack
L Knippenberg

Boys 9-10  50 yard free
4th place Georgetown
M Gumbrill

Girls 13-14  100 yard free
8th place A. Cohen

Women 15-18 100 yard free
4th place Vermack
L Spratling
Boys 9-10 25 yard back
2nd Place Georgetown
Miles Gumbrill

Womens 15-18 50 yard back
8th place Vermack
C Knippenberg

Girls 7-8 IM
3rd Place Vermack Avery McDougal
5th place Georgetown T Jones

Girls 9-10 IM
#2 Georgetown A Jones

Boys 9-10 IM
6th place Georgetown  A Chen

Girls 11-12 IM
7th place Ashley Altera

Womens 15-18 IM
2nd place Vermack Allie Reiter

Girls 9-10 25 yard breast
2nd place Georgetown  A Jones


Fontainebleau swimmers at GATech:

Luke Sandberg, 7-8 boys, 2nd in 25 free and 2nd in 25 back

Ella Anchors, 9-10 girls, 1st in 25 back and 3rd in 50 free

Keely Sandberg, 11-12 girls, 10th in 50 free

7-8 boys 7th in 100 medley relay Luke Sandberg, Alex MacDonald, Owen Anchors and Joe Fortenberry 

7-8 boys 4th in 100 free relay with the same boys as 100 medley relay

11-12 girls 8th in 200 free relay Reese Nathanson, Elizabeth Duke, Isabella Allen and Keely Sandberg 

Update 2
The Branches

7/8G Medley Relay - 3rd place - Alexis Langston, Hadley Puett, Tinkie Jones, and Hannah Blanche Bouton

7/8G Free Relay - 7th place - Alexis Langston, Claire Shelton, Tinkie Jones, and Hannah Blanche Bouton

We know we missed some Top 10 finishers from Dunwoody so please email them to us and we will update.  Photos welcome as ours are from last year.
Combined Team Scores from GA Tech (Dunwoody teams)
Vermack 416 points
Georgetown 395 points
The Branches 334 points
Fontainebleau 228 points
Village Mill 170 points