Friday, June 20, 2014

Food Truck Thursday Brook Run Park Dunwoody

Renewals by Andersen is the sponsor for June 26.
The Action Jackson Band is the musical entertainment for June 26

Dinner Vendors for June 26
Freckled & Blue
Mighty Meatballs
Movable Feast
Pressed for Time
Fry Guy

Dessert vendors for June 26
Ali's Cookies
King Of Pops
Yum Yum Cupcakes
Vintage Custard

Thursday, June 19, 2014

Dunwoody Week 4 Swim Team

Due to nasty weather last week a few teams had two meets this week.

Redfield 420  Zaban  315
The Redfield Sun Devils picked up a win on Monday night, defeating the JCC's Zaban Sharks.  It was a packed house at the pool and for parking.  Redfield moves to 1-2 on the season. 

Roxboro 490  Redfield  301
Redfield hosted back-to-back swim meets this week.  Lots of work for the parent volunteers.  Roxboro takes care of business.  It was the last home meet of the season, and in swim team tradition, the seniors were honored.  A good time for all involved.  Redfield finishes the season next week at Kingsley.

Kingsley 440  Brittany Club 352
Kingsley starts a new win streak with a win this week.  Kingsley should extend the win streak in their home meet next week. 

Dunwoody North  506  Deerbrooke Waters 281
Dunwoody North continues to win on the road.  Due to starting blocks and pool depth (and new rules) DN can't host a meet and allow dive-in starts.  I suppose they could host a meet and have all kids start in the pool.  But on the road every week means fewer volunteers and someone else cooks for you.  Dunwoody North will win next week as well at DCC to conclude another successful season.

Fontainebleau 430  Huntley Hills  339

Georgetown 454  Gainsborough  336
Georgetown has an impressive win over Gainsborough.

Hanover West  416  The Branches  380

Garden Hills 420  Vermack 363
Tough loss to rival Garden Hills for Vermack.  Vermack has some top swimmers but not the depth of seasons of the past.  

Village Mill 468  Mill Glen 326
Village Mill continues their local dominance in the water, taking out Mill Glen.  MG lost last week to The Branches and hosts Vermack next week.  Village Mill faces The Branches next week in our 'Meet of the Week', brought to you by Village Burger.

Wynterhall  449  Huntcliff  349
Wynterhall moves to 4-0 on the season and should defeat Deerfield Spalding Lake ( lost to Zaban this week) next week to go 5-0 on the season.  The former HizHonor will bring a specially decorated Publix cake next week for the celebration.  The party is on for next Tuesday night.

Zaban 427  Deerfield Spalding Lake 415
Hurray for Zaban swimmers - picking up a win this week. It was a close meet and the kids from DSL almost pulled it out.  Great swimming on both sides.

 Week 4 Rankings
Dunwoody North #1 (last week #2)  
Wynterhall #2    (last week #1)  
Vermack #3    (last week #2) 
Village Mill #4    (unranked) 
The Branches #5    (last week #5) 

Week 5
Zaban at Huntcliff
Wynterhall at DSL
Village Mill at The Branches
Vermack at Mill Glen
Redfield at Kingsley
Georgetown at Fontainebleu
Dunwoody North at Dunwoody Country Club
Deerbrooke Waters at Huntley Hills