Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Karen Handel Supports Jack Kingston

from Karen Handel....

Today, I am formally endorsing Jack Kingston, the conservative choice for U.S. Senate.

I have had the unique opportunity over the last year to get to know all of the candidates very well, under the difficult circumstances and significant pressures of a statewide race.

What I've seen in Jack is a man of integrity who is devoted to his family. A man who is fiercely dedicated to the conservative principles that are the foundation of the Republican Party. A man who has represented the people of the 1st Congressional District honorably and effectively for more than 20 years.

When you are trying to decide who to support in the runoff, think about this: when Election Day came last week, the people Jack serves every day gave him an outstanding job performance evaluation. The 74% of the vote he received there speaks volumes about how well Jack has served the people in his district.

Now, he wants to go to work for all of Georgia.  More than ever, we need a workhorse -- not a show horse.

We need our new U.S. Senator to be a person who is extremely knowledgeable about the complicated issues Congress faces every day. We need a consistent conservative who brings the experience to be an effective member of the Senate from day one. And, we need a U.S. Senator who understands that the American Dream is for every Georgian no matter what their circumstances.

Friends, Jack Kingston is that person. I hope you'll join me in returning to the polls on July 22 and voting for the man who has spent the better part of his life serving Georgia and who will continue to serve us well in the United States Senate - Jack Kingston.


Dunwoody 2014 Swim Season Week 1

The 2014 swim season jumped off the blocks last night for most area pools.  A couple of meets still to come Thursday.
Wynterhall 410  Zaban 383
It was a packed house at the JCC on Tuesday evening.  It was great timing to have the first day of summer camps dismiss the same time the swimmers were showing up.  Good times in car pool for all!  The traffic rush did not affect the rookie Wynterhall swimmers as they win as we expected, their first of two or three probable wins this season.  Wynterhall meets Redfield next week in what is always a nice gathering of friends.  Look for Wynterhall to upset the RedDevils next week. Zaban starts off the season 0-1 and looks to have a winning season this summer. We did like the big inflatable slide at Wynterhall on Memorial Day.  Wynterhall always gets our "coolest place for adults to hang out" award.

Vermack 439  Georgetown 357
No surprise here as perennial 'Best of Dunwoody' Vermack showed Georgetown that Vermack deserves the DunwoodyTalk #1 ranking this year.  Georgetown is coming off a monumental 2013 season and was hoping to carry it forward.  Georgetown's success last year caused a different schedule for 2014 with G-Town facing power houses 3 of 5 weeks.  We expect Georgetown to get two wins this season and look for Vermack to go 4-1 and repeat as Dunwoody champs. If Georgetown wants to compete in the deep end with the likes of Vermack we suggest they learn to do relays while the DJ rocks da house.  DJ Vermack II (now known as DJV2) took to the steel wheels last night and crushed it for the tween crowd.  We expect more EDM next time for DJV2.  Also, can someone at the V send us an action shot of DJV2?  We've had many emails requesting a photo or a short clip of him in action.  Thanks in advance.

Kingsley 413  Dunwoody Country Club 376
No sign of Princess Comet or Captain Kingsley at the pool but the Kingsley swimmers took care of business at the city's hippest swim club.  Covered baby pool, club house, clean bathrooms, ample parking, and more.  Visit for details and new member specials. Kingsley went 5-0 last season and should go 4-1 this season. 

Gainsborough 431  Fontainebleu 362
Fontainebleu, a unique name for a neighborhood, has a great swim team this season but one of the toughest schedules.  We're not sure the kids will get to do the 10:30 PM victory jump into the deep end this season.  Their bast chance at a win is next week against Kingsley.

Deerbrooke Waters 394  Deerfield Spaulding Lakes 362
A close battle in week 1 for Deerfield against local rival Deerbrooke ends with a week 1 loss.  Deerfield looks ahead to Zaban and Wynterhall and should win those two meets. 

We need your help!!! Please submit scores, recaps, and photos from your meet to so we can provide the best highlights of the week.
Week 1 Swim Results brought to you by Village Burger

Check back later this week for updates on Thursday meets including Dunwoody North at Redfield and others. Week 1 Rankings will come out early next week.

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