Thursday, May 8, 2014

Dunwoody Arts Festival Mother's Day Weekend 2014

This weekend Dunwoody's Main Street (formerly known as Chamblee Dunwoody Road) plays host to the Dunwoody Arts Festival  Stop by for arts, crafts, music, food, and people-watching.

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Nancy Jester for Georgia State School Superintendent

I've known Nancy Jester for many years and she is of course my choice to be our next State School Superintendent.  I encourage you to meet her at one of her campaign events, or better yet - attend one of the candidate debates.  At the debates you will see she is by far the best qualified candidate. 

Georgia needs a person like Nancy heading our education department in Georgia.  


National conservative activist and media figure Erick Erickson today announced on Facebook that he's "going with Nancy Jester" in the Republican Primary for Georgia State School Superintendent.

Jester said, "My personal thanks to Erick Erickson for his support. Erick has become one of the most influential conservatives in the nation by sticking up for conservative principles and supporting candidates who share his commitment."
The biggest impediment to my election as State School Superintendent is the sheer length of the ballot and the large number of voters who we haven't been able to contact personally with our positive message about raising student achievement by concentrating on making sure the money we spend on education makes it to the classrooms where it will do the most good.
I'm asking you to forward this email to five of your friends and family members and to ask them to join you and Erick Erickson in voting for Nancy Jester, the proven effective conservative candidate for Georgia State School Superintendent.
And on election day, or when you go vote early, remember, "Nancy Jester is sixth on the ballot, first for effective student achievement."

Monday, May 5, 2014

New TOPpings Coming Soon

What's old is new.  Just like parachute pants, Genesee Cream Ale,  and Chuck Taylor shoes, all good things come back to us.   A new pizza place is coming to Dunwoody.  The site used to be home to a Pizza Hut (and more recently High Cotton and Peter's).  

The owner is razing/raising the roof and brings competition for Mellow Mushroom.  Mellow Mushroom has owned the pizza market in da Vil for two decades.  Mellow Mushroom has great food and the kids love it.  I believe Mellow Mushroom has the best beer selection in da Vil.  But can they hang on to the pizza title going into the fall of 2014?  What project will be completed first: Dunwoody Village Parkway or the new pizza shop?

Village Burger still holds the title of best burger in Dunwoody.  Cafe at Pharr the best chicken salad sandwich. 

Finally, here is a good post over at King John's blog:  "Look Up"