Saturday, March 29, 2014

Round 1 Complete March City Manager Madness

#1 Seed Norb was brutal against JDickson.  Norb used a full court press for four quarters, forcing many tunrovers.  Norb lived up to his top ranking in the Pac8 conference.  Norb face Twitter name @dwoodycommunity.  We have yet to see tweets on this action but we hope @dwoody can assist.  Team Henley put up a good battle but the youth of his opponent was too much.

MengHouseTony, like GRB yesterday, was called for three technical fouls, all in the first minute of the game.  But  he relaxed and focused on his jumphot, taking out local favorite AhaLady/Pebbles.  The MengHouse is partying tonight!  They face JeanetteSmitty next and expect to win that one as well.  Looks like the Pac8 regulars took care of the Pac8 fill-in team to guarantee a true SaveDunwoody Pac8 team in the Final Four.

Sustainable Pattie took out Joe Not in Seconder in  a tight match. The game was played on a bamboo court with an organic panda leather skin ball.  Some feel Joe's decision to bike to the game (held in Ashville, NC) was a mistake. SP faces HizHonor, an easy victor over ArtsFestivalLady.  Kenny moved the ball well and showed great teamwork.  Kenny showed his vertical with several dunks over ArtsFestivalLady, causing many in the audience to cringe as he was up 50 points and still throwing it down over her.

Capt Kingsley looked great over DJ Vermack.  We think that red-eye flight from Vegas hurt DJV's performance.  Capt Kingsley faces tournament host DunwoodyTalk as DT wins over Dad's Bucket List.  We sure hope becoming a city manager was no on Dad's list as it ain't gonna happen this year.

Friday, March 28, 2014

Round 1 Update March City Manager Madness

FarmerBob makes a quick exit from the tournament.  The FarmHouzers are pleased there is no chance of an apartment-dweller becoming our next city manager.  SDOC used the HOME court advantage in her favor.  She faces a tough TheOtherDunwoody squad who made quick and easy work in a blowout win over Anonymous.

Chip had his hands full with DP Groupie.  The game went into 2 overtimes before Chip took control. The boys in blue surrounded the court in an intimidating fashion, but Chip shrugged it off.  Chip faces GaryRayBetz later this weekend as GRB cruised to a win over I'm Just Sayin'.  GRB was called for three technical fouls (4 is an automatic ejection) but managed to calm down once the cheerleaders stopped screaming.

Danny911Ross advances, but not without controversy. There was an issue with the game clock in the final seconds with Danny911 holding a 1 point lead.  Grossman scored as the buzzer sounded, but the clock suffered an error due to a CAD to Com to DeKalb transfer error, resulting in the referees adjusting the clock and taking away Grossman's baseline jumper.  "I told you that CAD ChatComm would be an issue" he laughed at Team Grossman.

StayHarris pulls the upset of the day.  The BP Posse crew pulled one of their double shifts yesterday, and the team looked very sluggish.  The BP Posse will reconvene this evening n the driveway of team captain AL-TD for a season-ending party.

Heyward took out crowd favorite in Team Wingate.  This game had controversy as well as Heyward illegal banners hanging all over the place/  "I couldn't see the hoop with all those banners" said Wingate.  

In the night cap, Witty took out GerriPen.  GerriPen went in to a 4-corner offense early (no shot clock) trying to slow Witty, but that backfired as GP seemed slow on the court in the 2nd half.  Witty was calm and relaxed all game and used his slight height advantage to get the win.


Thursday, March 27, 2014

March City Manager Madness Dunwoody 2014

Big news in Dunwoody - our city manager has left us for greener pastures to the north.  We wish you much success, Warren.  Now it's time to focus on choosing a new city manager.  No need for outsiders or a search firm, Dunwoody Talk has it handled. Below is a list of candidates, selected by our very own Selection Committee.  The Committee met recently at the Dunwoody Tavern to narrow a tough field of 225 possible candidates to our Top 32. No current city or state officials are eligible.

Before we get into the brackets, let's address the bubble candidates. The following candidates did not make the field of 32:
J Leslie of 11Alive fame, Team Jesters, TeamBuildingGrant, DunwoodySchoolDaze, CVB Katie, Autumn at the Tavern, and JDevito.  These teams had decent records, but strength of schedule was a factor.  If we expanded to 48 or 64 teams, the teams above would be in.  But we had to make some tough decisions.

The selected teams are from the three major conferences in the Dunwoody League.  There are many Independent teams, with no league affiliation (like Notre Dame) thus our Open bracket.

Blogger League Bracket
These teams all play in the virtual blogosphere, either as a 'blogger', a troll, or a commenter (and sometimes they play 2 or 3 of the roles at the same time). 

GRB versus I'm Just Sayin'
GRB won the regular season and had an automatic bid.  Drawing the lowest seed is IJS.  GRB controls the ball well and IJS has a weak defense.  If GRB keeps the Jameson out of the team water bottles he can go far in this tournament.

Chip versus DP Groupie
DP Groupie enters the field of 32 as one of the few female entries. She faces the resident sesquipedalian in Chip.  Chip and DP Groupie have had intense matches this season so this rematch will be interesting.  It's a tough draw for DP as Chip is from northeast pedigree and attended a fancy private school.  DP Groupie will not speak to the press prior to the game due to last season's media explosion relating to a gas station conversation.  Heavy police presence is expected.

TheOtherDunwoody versus Anonymous
Wow, a tough draw in Round 1 for TOD.  Anonymous seems to be everywhere, all the time.  Anonymous is so aggressive that TOD last season banned him and all other commenters.  Anonymous covers lots of ground and plays great offense.  Their defense is of course absent at all times.  TOD plans to ban Anon and bake him like TOD's famous leg of lamb.  Vegas likes TOD in this one.

FarmerBob versus SDOC
Tickets for this one are sold out.  No one expected these two to face each other until round 3 at the earliest.  A late season controversy with FarmerBob's team manager may have played a factor in this match-up. SDOC has home court advantage with this game being played on a residential court on the same residential lot as a home based business so the crowd will be in her favor.  Even the jelly lady will be cheering on SDOC. FarmerBob met us at Hickory House for a brief news conference (DunwoodyTalk paid the bill, don't worry). "We expect to win this entire thing.  Nothing better than a guy living in an apartment running the City of Dunwoody".

Big West FarmHouzers Bracket
The bracket names speaks for itself.  DHA to  DPT to Lemonade Days.  if you don't have a key to the secret farmhouse door then you aren't in their league.

Heyward versus Team Wingate
Heyward faces an honorable and league veteran in Team Wingate.  We like Team Wingate for their rich traditions (like a UCLA of old) but Heyward is quicker on the court.  Heyward suffered a stunning defeat last season, leading the league all season then losing to a newcomer.  But he has vowed to bring glory to Dun Wood Club Forest. But don't think Team Wingate is going to take it easy on H.  "I'll be calling in some help from my bridge club" said a Wingate player.

Danny911Ross versus BB Grossman.  
Many think Danny911 belongs in the SaveDunwoody league, but they are incorrect.  Teams like Pitt and Syracuse jumped ship to places like the ACC, but Danny stayed with his roots.  He's a true FarmHouzer. Danny911 was retired, then was pulled back into the league recently.  Grossman is a two time DHA champion and knows a thing or two, so this will be a tough game.  We expect Danny911 to advance.

StayHarris versus the BP Gas Station Posse
You need to get up early to beat the BP crew.  They are sippin the black stuff by 6 AM and eating yesterday's Krispy Kreme's by 7 AM.  They are a mysterious team, with no true home court. Often team members pull two-a-days, heading to the Tavern right after a workout at the BP.  I don't know how they do it.  Team Harris is quick and flexible, they play like a team of gymnasts on the court.  StayHarris is a DHA favorite and of of the few females in the field of 32.  The sports book at the Golden Nugget has this one as a pick em. 

Witty versus GerriPen
These two traditional teams present a classic match-up of quickness, intelligence, and strategic play.  Witty is a former City guy with experience, and GPen has all of Dun North on her side.  GPen's Penn State background may not serve her well in this sport.  We think Witty advances to the Sweet 16 easily.  His street-legal cruiser gives him the edge.

SaveDunwoody Pac 8 League
This new league has made a BIG splash recently.  Once unknown in this sport, the Savers have matured from silly red shirts to the Big Time.  They have a seat at the City Council table and look to add to their new-found fame.  No one knows where the league has its HQ but we have all seen their games.  Look for a team in this bracket to make it to the championship game.

Norb versus J Dickson
Not fair!  This is like Duke playing NC in the first round.  Well, the selection committee has been known to play games with certain teams, and this appears to be one of those times.  Community Council champion Norb gets the #1 seed in this bracket.  Norb was originally in the Blogger league, but switched conferences two seasons ago after the UN sponsored 'kids night' at a league game (they collected funds for UNICEF and gave away Obama dolls).  Norb has signs already printed and in his side yard promoting his #1 seed.  Dickson was not available as he was at a local coin-op laundromat washing out a Hershey bar.  We expect Norb to go deep in this bracket.

@dwoodycommunity (Twitter) versus Team Henley.  
Tough draw for Team H.  He is fresh off a recent District 1 battle but sill in contention and would love to become the new city manager.   @dwoodycommunity hosts this match-up at Roundabout Gymnasium (no reserved street parking so get there early), although we do not know the address as team officials refuse to give it during public comment press conferences.  @dwoodycommunity not happy with his seed as he will most likely face Norb in Round 2.  "I am doing an open records request on these committee guys" he said. @dwoody is a tough competitor and knows the rules by heart so don't look for him to lose soon.  @dwoodycommunity is a local favorite and a living legend in the Womack/Vermack region and will have lots of fan support.  

MengHouseTony versus DogParkLady AhaConnectionLady&PebbleTossers

MengHouseTony's concession stand is already stocked with Pepsi and tuna fish sandwiches in preparation for the huge crowd expected at this match up. Tony will have the Asian support as well as the Metro Atlanta Sprinkler Assoc backing.  Tony's support is nearly the highest of all 32 teams.  But he faces an out-of-towner in DogParkLady.  DPL will bring rubber gloves, a pooper scooper, and fans from all over Dunwoody metro Atlanta.  DPL failed to make the field in Sandy Springs, but due to her activism locally was given a bid.  This match up will be held at Brook Run.  A new natural concrete court will be poured today, with only 78 trees being removed for the temporary surface.  The AhaConnectionLady & PebbleTossers combine to bring a large resource of deals and do-gooders.  Aha Lady may even have free movie passes for this historic event. MengHouseTony was the favorite, but this game has been pulled from all sports books due to this sudden change.  Aha and Pebbles have 24 hours to create some fluid unity to pull off a victory.

BobbyDallasTX versus JeanetteSmitty
These two teams were considered bubble teams by many.  Before you other bloggers and commenters start screaming, we know BobbyDallasTX did not play in the regular season of the SaveDunwoody Pac8 conference. Some experts claim he belongs in the FarmHouzer conference.  Due to a technical issue in the bid selection and a last-minute disqualification of a SaveDunwoody franchise (not named) BobbyDallasTX was seeded here.  That move has J Smitty licking her chops, seeing fresh meat at her feet.  JSmitty knows how to bring her A game and will show up with the RedShirtPosse. BobbyDallasTX sees this race to city manager as a potential warm up act for the 2015 general election.  Disregard the non-conference match up and sit back and enjoy this pairing.  No leggings or skinny jeans permitted court side, please.  

At Large / Non Conference Bracket
This is the Brunswick stew of brackets.  All the teams here are wild cards of some sort and no particular alliance to a special interest group.  But they all have a special power or ability or their own posse of some sort.

Sustainable Pattie versus Joe Not in Seconder 
We'll need more bike parking and more electric vehicle charging stations for this match up than any of the others.  Nicknamed already as Birkenstock versus Spandex, these two make for an interesting match.  Sustainable Pattie has been practicing for months out of da Wood, out of the eyes of the competition.  All her time is now spent on the beltline court. But technically she is still a local and would love to get the reigns of this horse.  Joe Not in Seconder has been taking spinning classes at DunBaptist all winter, preparing to tie up traffic along major roadways in Dunwoody.  Odds makers up at the Cherokee Casino has SP as a 2 point favorite.

ArtsFestivalLady versus KennyHizHonorRight
There's a blast from the past! KennyHizHonorRight, our city's first HizHonor, makes his political comeback in this year's March City Manager Madness tournament.  KHHR has a loyal following, especially in the Wynters (Hall and Creek).  He'll pack the house with a diverse fan base (from nature center groupies to Red Hatters to cub scouts) and will always be a hometown hero.  ArtsFestival Lady loves the timing of this tournament.  She sits idle for months at a time, coming out one weekend a year to stretch her legs.  This for-profit team has already secured all tournament vending rights, selling t-shits, soda, taffy, and beer can wind chimes at all first and second round games. 

Captain Kingsley versus DJ Vermack
This match up has Pay Per View written all over it.  Capt Kinglsey has been an east side favorite for years.  From collecting Campbell soup can labels, box tops, and leading the walking school bus, this guy has been there, done that.  Capt Kingsley is also our only masked entry in the Madness to become Dunwoody's next city manager.  We hope he wears his new skin-tight blue morph suit as the lady fans like it a lot.  Capt Kingsley is not well known over on the west side of town, and that lack of fan and financial support from the political center of Dunwoody could be his downfall.  We all know District 1 runs the show around here so it would be quite a prize if our winner is from west of Vermack.  DJ Vermack, - what can we say that has not already been said - the guy is legend.  He has taken a leave of absence from TAO night club in Vegas to come back to his roots and make a run at this thing.  The Vermack swimmers have his back (they've been training year round, and DunwoodyTalk will have the 2014 swim schedule posted here next week).  We expect it to be LOUD and CRAZY when these to face each other tomorrow night.  Originally scheduled at Kingsley playground, the expected large crowd has forced organizers to move the event to the Peachtree Middle School gym.  

DunwoodyTalk versus Dad's Bucket List
Now this is a strange pairing.  Dad's Bucket List is not a single person, but a group of guys (all dads, we think).  That may be an advantage for Team Dad's.  This is a new team to the local area and no one really knows who they are.  The JLeslie Twitter gal has a connection somehow.  No scouting reports for Dad's, sorry.  I know - why is DunwoodyTalk in the Open bracket instead of the Blogger bracket?  First off, the Blogger bracket is already packed with power houses, and secondly, DT is the host and financial backer of this event.  DunwoodyTalk has widespread fan support across the northern part of Dunwoody, but not much south of a certain road.  This match up will be held on DT turf - the parking lot of Dunwoody Tavern.  Not sure if Dad's can put the diaper bags away long enough to show up.  Of course we expect DunwoodyTalk to easily advance to the second round.  If DT wins and becomes city manager then real estate agents will be busy. "Our post-game victory party will be held on the SS Goddard on the Vernon North Canal" said DT.

Games start tonight so stop back through the weekend to see who advances to the next round.