Saturday, February 22, 2014

Nikki is Back Cutting Hair in Dunwoody

There is a new trend in the world of hair cutting.  Instead of working at a traditional beauty parlor (salon is the new terminology), hair stylists are renting rooms/space in a mega salon.  A new salon just opened in Dunwoody, in the Wal-Mart shopping center on Ashford Dunwoody Road.  It is beside Jason's Deli.

Nikki has been cutting hair for a few years in Dunwoody and has 'opened' her own place here in Dunwoody.  You can book online at and choose Perimeter Village.  I suggest calling or texting Nikki direct at 404*596*3756.

Friday, February 21, 2014

Intersection Meeting Next Week

The intersection of Spalding and Chamblee Dunwoody Road is usually littered with broken car lights and miscellaneous fender parts.  The specialty at this location is the classic T-bone.  Yesterday's T-bone special involved a motorcycle.  Not good.

Fashion Faux Pas by DeKalb Delegation

Everyone in the Dirty South knows not to wear white before Memorial Day, not to wear a backwards ball cap in church, and not to wear stripes during redistricting.  Here are the maps presented by the DeKalb Delegation (the elected State Senators and House Representatives from DeKalb County).  If these jokers were not elected officials but instead Pre-K students this would be funny.  The DeKalb school board spent the majority of their recent retreat not discussing children or teachers, but how to get reelected.  Their retreat focused on maps and lines and trying to get each other back in office.  Remember, the FIRST action of this elected appointed school board was to buy textbooks pencils computers new cars for staff. I often think this Board is worse than the group tossed by the Governor.  Thurmond is Elgart's tool and the Board members are his minions.  And State Legislators can't figure out why we want DeKalb and other mega districts reorganized into smaller districts?  If the Mike Jacobs maneuver sticks, this may be the single event that keeps Ms. Catherine at bay and keeps Mike in office.

And finally, John Coleman can you please tell us why the dual accreditation issue was pulled from the agenda at the last retreat?

Nice Try #2

Nice Try #1

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Trees and Banner Ads

The Federal Government's attempt to rid millions of trees and shrubs from electrical transmission lines is in full swing in Dunwoody and Sandy Springs.  The picture below was taken on Spalding Drive, close to Chamblee Dunwoody Road intersection.  Shrubs and small trees (with no prayer to get even close to the power lines, even if fed Miracle Grow for the next 20 years) were removed as if they were towering Redwoods.  The end result is a reduced tree canopy, less habitat for wildlife, but an awesome view of a barren landscape hosting tall steel structures (where have we heard these words before?).  A little discretion could be made, but apparently not an option.  No protests, no red shirts, no arborist hired, no letters to the editor - just a chipper and two chain saws.

this view was once blocked by a row of ten-foot high shrubs - well below the transmission lines strung 100-feet higher

In other news, a rare visit to the AOL-owned Dunwoody Patch paste/re-paste gossip site (where unmonitored comments flow like red wine in Dunwoody) I saw a banner ad conveniently placed above a picture of Mayor Davis (and the story of the Town Hall meeting).  The banner was not a click-thru so not sure who paid for it.  It's a slight deviation from the tired line of 'Save Dunwoody'.  Perhaps the banner ad is a teaser for a political candidate, or maybe re-branding of one of Dunwoody's non-registered political action committees. 

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Chesnut Students Take Home Top Honors

Congratulations to Ms. Stacia Brown, Technology Club teacher sponsor, and Chesnut Charter Elementary students for their performance in the 2014 DeKalb County School District Technology Fair, which took place on February 8, 2014.

In the 3-4 grades Robotics category, the team of Namit Gandavadi and Jonah Liss won first place, while the team of Khairi Agie & Siddharth Nathan won second place. In the 3-4 grades Digital Video Editing category, Liam Callison won third place.

As first place winners, Namit and Jonah will represent Dekalb County in the 2014 State Technology Fair in March.