Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Prepping in Dunwoody

With threat of an  ice storm tonight, arriving three days prior to a 60 degree Saturday, many people have gone into full panic mode.  Gas, food, and alcohol seem to top most lists.  Here are a few tips:

The BP across from Dunkin Donuts has larger storage tanks for fountain drinks than gas.  They ran out of gas during IceJam #1 two weeks ago, an they ran out temporarily yesterday afternoon.  The BP and Chevron are close, but capacity is low.  

The Costco was packed by 9:30 AM on Monday.  Costco clientele is all about stocking up, so expect long lines.
Monday 10 AM, all lanes six cars deep, at least

Costco is in Perimeter.  Lots of people shopping for groceries at Costco and supplies at Home Depot in that area.  Capacity is huge and a truck was there by 11 AM to refill the tanks.  At the same time this photo was taken a DunwoodyTalk staffer was at the QuickTrip on Roswell Road (right by Sandy Springs Gun Club, a great place to buy, train, and practice).  The QuickTrip was not busy. The QuickTrip is near apartments, not a bunch of office buildings.  During the mid morning and day this place is  better option.  QuickTrip is the best choice when you need gas and the rush is on.

Home Depot - I hate to do it but I give them an 'F'.  I stopped in for an additional space heater.  None in stock.  They ran out during the last storm.  Supply chain?  The same day I read an article on the AJC site talking about their new fulfillment center for web orders.  See HERE.  Home Depot needs to figure out how to restock heaters with their vendors or they will fall off the 'prepper' list of go-to spots.  HD did have plenty of bagged sand. Gas cans?  They had three 5 gallon cans (none now) but plenty of 2.5 gallon cans.  Home Depot does a great job staging for hurricanes in Florida so maybe they will review their shortcomings in the ATL for getting stuff in stock for ice storms.  The HD manager had plenty of time to stage a 'storm prep' supply center in the front of the store.  Instead I saw mops and cleaning supplies.

My friend Sustainable Pattie talks a lot about growing local and the local food supply.  If you wanted fresh produce from Publix on Monday night you were S.O.L.  Imagine a  real catastrophe.  Luckily it is still okay to make a profit in the USA so companies like Publix will restock quickly. But imagine a long term disruption in the food supply chain.  Although many in Dunwoody consider wine a major food group, you can't live forever on wine and crackers.
Publix Potato Chips

Publix Out of Bread

More bread missing

who took all the bananas and apples?

no bagged salads or fresh fruit
A few people have generators and will want to match TV if the power goes out.  You better have an HD antenna for the HD channels.  Rabbit ears don't cut it anymore.  When the power goes out so may the power at your modem and cable box, and possibly the power at the cable transmission points outside.  A generator runs the TV but go buy an HD antenna or you'll be watching DVDs and no the Olympics. 

The Dunwoody liquor store, behind Village Burger, saw a huge rush of people. Good for him.  I like that place.  He stocks Hoegaarden and Allagash White.  Lots of wine and vodka (in honor of Sochi) hauled out yesterday.