Friday, January 10, 2014

Cafe at Pharr at Dunwoody

The aha! lady alerted us to the opening of Cafe at Pharr at Dunwoody so we headed over today.  A nice soup and sandwich on a cold rainy day is always a great idea so the DunwoodyTalk staff and some home-schooled kid headed that way.

Service was quick.  We had our drinks within 90 seconds of sitting down.  We ordered and had food within 5 minutes.  The menu is the same as other locations - soups, salads, and sandwiches.

The layout is the same as when this space was My Friend's Place - a walk up counter and tables with chairs.  If you are taking food out, go to the counter.  If dining in, have a seat at the table.

The lunch options in downtown Dunwoody keep expanding.  Here are a few DT favorites, in no particular order:

Cafe at Pharr
Wright Gourmet
Village Burger
Mellow Mushroom
Dunwoody Tavern

These eateries are all in the Main Street (formerly known as Chamblee Dunwoody Road) area.  The Dunwoody Village has several nicknames, including:
da 'Vil
The Heart of Dunwoody
downtown Dunwoody
Main Street
Concrete Jungle (minus the Jungle)

Some folks over at G-Town don't like the 'main street' and 'heart' nicknames, especially since they have that nice Farm Burger and the fancy Kroger, but we are all one happy city.

My only issue with da 'Vil is walkability.  It would be quite the chore to safely walk to Cafe at Pharr as sidewalk connectivity (and parking lot navigation) is an issue.  But I have an automobile that gets me there easily so not a big concern here.

Once Dunwoody Village Parkway is done, maybe the property owner will put in those parking lot sidewalks.

Head over to Cafe at Pharr and get yourself a samich.

Cafe Pharr chicken noodle soup


Dunwoody Village
Need a blog post of your local eatery?  It's easy.  Buy me and my 'guest of the day' lunch and you're in.  Note: I paid for our lunches at Cafe Pharr.