Wednesday, November 5, 2014

DeKalb Commissioner District 1 Race. What Happened and Why?

In a surprise to nearly everyone, the unknown candidate Holmes Pyles has claimed a spot in the two-person runoff for DeKalb Commissioner District 1.  His opponent is Dunwoody's Nancy Jester.  Many are asking, 'how did this happen'?  Wendy Butler ran a good campaign in Brookhaven and had the support of local media.  Larry Danese was backed by SaveDunwoody and had signs all over Dunwoody and came in last place.

A simple word was placed under each candidate's name on the ballot..  Four of the five had 'Republican' listed and one had 'Independent' listed.

Only Holmes E Pyles was not listed as a Republican.  For you Conservatives and Republican voters, take a look at the following fake ballot and ask yourself whom you would vote for:

Although you recognize the names, you will probably see the word 'Democrat' and automatically drift away from that name.  For many of you, the choice on the fake ballot is Mr. Pyles, regardless of all other factors. And for 1 of every 3 voters yesterday in District 1, they saw one choice, Mr. Pyles. 

Here is a snapshot of District 1 votes.  We placed a blue ribbon beside each precinct that was won my Michelle Nunn. District 1 of DeKalb is the lone pocket of Republicans for the county, but there are lots of Democrats here as well.  Why do you think Governor Deal was in the area three times in the last few weeks?

The losing candidates in this race were all stunned last night as the results poured in.  Larry Danese could have won a spot in the runoff and perhaps the position had he run as a Democrat (he ran as a Dem before in DeKalb, was appointed to positions in DeKalb by a Dem, but ran away from the Dem label in this race). 

The runoff of Jester and Pyles will take place next month and will be the only item on the ballot.  The Dems won't be back as the Republican vote is much bigger.  Jester will not have three opponents competing for the Republican votes.  We all know now that it is possible for a Democrat to make the runoff in District 1, but the chances of a Democrat winning the spot is low.  Jester will need a strong turnout for the runoff.  Jester owned the high-turnout, Conservative precincts of Austin, Dunwoody library, and Mount Vernon East.  The fact that Brookhaven had two candidates and Dunwoody had one played a major role in this election.  

We wish much success and victory for nancy Jester in the runoff election.


Max said...

Cogent, concise, and correct. good job Rick.

Let's continue to support Nancy Jester and restore the District 1 Commissioner seat to transparency and integrity.

GO Nancy!

Todd Rehm said...

An excellent analysis of the DeKalb Commission District 1 Special Electiona nd the upcoming runoff election.

Laura P said...

This was a very interesting analysis. I vote at Kingswood UMC. Can you indicate which one that is on "the District 1 snap shot" from the article? I think either Tilly Mill or North Peachtree and they had different results.... I would love to know. Thanks