Friday, November 7, 2014

Brook Run Park, Full of Activities for Sports and Activities

Brook Run Park announces Fall/Winter Schedule

Sunday is the best day at Brook Run.  This photo is a few years old.  Shade canopies have been added.  Seriously, the playground at Brook Run is top-notch.  Great for 1-7 year old kids.

Monday is a unique activity.  Kids and active adults sit on aluminum bleachers and watch dogs destroy the ecosystem and pollute the water basin.  The area is shaded so no need for a cap, but closed-toe shoes (washable) a must.  No whistles or beef-product snacks, please.

Tuesday, salute to city officials and employees day. 

Wednesday is ideal for those with a wild imagination.  Wednesday at Brook Run is officially, "Pretend We are in Murphy Candler Park" day.  Storytelling at noon - hear from coaches and players as they mention things like baseball fields, softball fields, football fields, and team uniforms.  Keep the noise at a minimum because the park does have neighbors, and people buying a home close to Brook Run expect near-silence from the park and its visitors.

Bring some cash on Thursdays as it's 'All You Can Eat on Asphalt' day.  No metal cleats allowed in parking lot, but music and free Atlanta Hawks hand towels on the green
Friday, it's finally here.  Been stuck behind a desk all week?  Need to release some tension?  We have it here!  Come sit on a stump or recycled plastic bench and watch turnips and tomatoes grow (seasonal).  One of metro Atlanta's largest private, yet public-hosted, garden clubs has squated on an ever-expanding piece of turf at Brook Run. Enjoy the smells of basil, mint, fish fertilizer, and Farmer D special mix at this suburban food plot.  Clapping and light cheering permitted. No artificial noise makers.
Saturday Brook Run hosts several activities in the back field.  Mornings you can participate in the 'Find a rock that fits in your hand' league, and afternoons play host to Atlanta's only 'Hide in the weeds' tournament.  All ages welcome.

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