Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Dunwoody Full of Events Saturday, Some Think Too Many?

Saturday, October 18 is set to be a busy day in Dunwoody. 

Event #1 CV Classic 5k and Fun Run, Peachtree Middle School (free health screenings by Northside Hospital) 
(advertised in The Crier on Sept 10 and Sept 17, advertised on Aha! Connection August 12, for those curious of such things, and emails sent to the feeder schools in mid August, FYI for those interested in such things)

Event #2  Peachtree Middle School Fall Festival  (on the Dunwoody CVB web site HERE)

Event #3  Tour de Dunwoody at Dunwoody Elementary School (a bike ride)

Event #4  Run Your Happy Tails Off  Another 5k race, 100 yards away from the CV Classic, but self-contained in Brook Run Park (dogs included)

Event #5  All Saints Catholic Church Fun Run for Kids and Festival  9 AM

Event #6  Great day of Service.  See HERE

These events and more can be found at the Dunwoody School Daze calendar HERE and  the Aha! Connection HERE.  A couple of council members were recently kicking the idea of ONE official Dunwoody calendar.  The Dunwoody CVB has a HUGE budget and spends lots of money on web development so maybe they can do it.  Or, maybe it is left in the hands of the private sector?

All these events are competing for the same things:  1. Money 2. People

The problem we have is does any entity get to claim a day for their event?  Long-time readers may recall when Lemonade Days tried to have a certain weekend (actually someone proposed a 45 day block) set aside and no other events were to be scheduled.  Of course that idea died quickly.  On one hand we have the CVB working to bring people to Dunwoody and put heads in beds and all that, then we have some wanting a day reserved only for their bike ride or whatever.  The CVB usually doesn't get involved with school festivals and such.  They seem to work mainly with the businesses in the Perimeter.

In regards to school festivals and events, there is a need to get the schools to communicate more.  Elementary school moms, for the most part, have not learned to play with the other schools kids in the sandbox yet.  Life is all about the elementary school, and the middle and high schools are irrelevant.  Many elem. moms plan to send kids elsewhere after 4th or 5th grade so they could care less beyond the K-5.  But things change and many of those kids do go to PCMS and/or DHS.  Then many see the bigger picture.  But that's a different post for a different day.

All these events on one day is a sign of an active and vibrant community.  

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