Wednesday, October 15, 2014

CEO Ellis? Commissioner Lee May?

How soon after a hung jury does Mr. Ellis head back to his head-honcho desk at DeKalb County? Does Lee May have an empty box on the floor, ready to move out of Ellis' office?  

Living in DeKalb is never dull; its a Made-for-TV reality show playing out in reality, funded in part by Dunwoody taxpayers.  Of course all of DeKalb funds this ongoing fiasco.  Before long we'll forget about Lee May taking orders from Obama and setting up early voting in Democrat areas only, but a photo of Lee May carrying a cardboard box with his pencil pouch and notepads and picture frames as he vacates his office should be front page material for The Crier and provide a lifetime of memories.

Stay tuned as we bring you up to speed on the commissioner's race, including a piece on the Butler Buckler Druid Hills zoning issue and a special report on how Michael Bell scammed DeKalb taxpayers to enrich himself and other friends and family.

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