Wednesday, August 27, 2014

McDonald's to Dunwoody Village?

Currently there are four McDonald's fast-food restaurants in Dunwoody: 

1.  Ashford Dunwoody by the mall (a fancy design and very busy location)
2.  Mt. Vernon/TillyMill/Dunwoody Club intersection  (gets a daily beat-down by Chick fil a)
3.  Wal-Mart (inside)
4.  Cotillion Drive in Georgetown area (busy, off of 285 exit ramp)

Is a 5th on the way?

As most of you know, Hickory House is closed and now for sale. The property will be sold to the highest bidder, via a closed envelope bid process.  May the deepest pockets win.  Old Hickory House had a drive-in window at some point in time, so the lot is most likely approved for a drive-thru.  

If it becomes official that a McDonald's buys the lot, it will take under one minute for the following demands to be made by people who don't own the McDonald's and won't eat at the McDonald's:

1. no drive thru
2. two bike racks
3. back-lit signs only
4. no golden arches
5. no drive thru 
6. close at 10 PM
7. donate to my school's team/club
8. no drive thru
9. senior discounts
10. can I have a car wash here since BK closed?

With an estimated sale price of above $700,000, don't look for a small mom and pop diner or fruity cafe to replace Old Hickory House.  This is prime real estate on Dunwoody's Main Street.  If you buy that lot and and pay big bucks for it, you'll need high volume and traffic to recoup your investment.  And nothing says volume like a Big Mac.  

A McDonald's here could do well.  First, it will offer free WiFi for those too cheap or too poor to buy their own WiFi. I've seen people camp out at Starbucks for hours at a time, using the place as their personal office - all for the cost of a small short Fizzio soda.  Imagine the backpack guy sitting alone in a booth (a booth designed for four people, but hey, a guy needs some office space) for a few hours, nursing a coffee.  And a McDonald's is great for the old guy crowd.  The BP gas station posse may even sneak over once a week.  Old people seem to enjoy McDonald's.  

The tween crowd is not that much into McDonald's.  They like to hang out at Panera, Starbuck's, and Village Burger.  I doubt the cool factor includes Mickey D's.  How about the 10 and under crowd?  Will Dunwoody moms (you can order a Dunwoody Mom T-shirt via take their kids?  Maybe.

Note: Don't confuse the NEW "Dunwoody Mom" shirts for sale with this original from a few years ago:
This shirt is NOT the shirts for sale

As we learned when Walgreen's briefly considered going 24 hours in da Vil, there is no rule saying you can't be open 24 hours a day.  How do you feel about a 24/7 McDonald's?  How about a colonial Williamsburg designed McDonald's.
If McDonald's does buy this property the DunwoodyStaff will need to add some words to our DT dictionary.  We already have ideas to work in terms such as McFarmHouzer, McWoody, and McDonaldson-Chesnut-Spruill Farm-fresh egg McMuffin.

The price range for a McDonald's property ranges from $500,000 to $2.5 million and has a 4,000 square foot building on a 1.1 acre lot.  The Hickory House lot is only .8 acres.  The minimum lot size for a McDonald's is .75 acres so the space is okay for a smaller footprint McDonald's.

A McDonald's would most likely be the death of the neighboring Burger King.  How that Burger King stays open is a mystery.  They have a decent 'ladder on the truck/van' crowd for lunch, but not much else.  On a side note, are there no Burger Kings in Sandy Springs?  Why do clubs and teams from North Springs High School use the Dunwoody Burger King for fundraisers?  I know they have dirty cars over by North Springs, I see them often. 

Will the BP Posse relocate to a McDonald's?


Dunwoody Dad said...

Hey, let's ask for a Tim Horton's in the BK property in da village! Give Dunkin' Donuts a run for their money - loonies, of course.

dpgroupie said...

I have taken a poll of old folks, and got about half a dozen responses. Scientific in some cirles, not so much in others. What they tell me is that old folks really like Wendy's chili and frosti's. No one had a fave menu item from MickeyD's. But my poll was taken in Yankee territory, so no idea if the same applies here.

Anonymous said...

Never mind the Hickory House property, what will go in the Fresh Market space when they close at the first of the year?

At that point, there will me a major commercial void in that area!

Rose Gorham said...

Fresh Market is closing?

Anonymous said...

Fresh Market closing....verification please?