Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Vernon Jones Sticking it to The Mann

Vernon Jones has added some racial humor to the DeKalb Sheriff race.  A flier was mailed in certain parts of DeKalb, but we don't think many made it to the 30338.

See flier here:

The flier depicts appointed (not elected) Sheriff Mann, Jones' opponent, as a puppet of four white guys.  One of those white guys is our very own mayor, Mayor Mike. I know Mike and I don't think he pulls Mann's strings.  

And leave it to Vernon to get in a jab at Dunwoody Crier editor/owner Dick Williams.  I'm sure Mr. Williams wants one of those fliers so he can frame it for his office. DunwoodyTalk will pay $4 to the first person to get us an original flier. We're not sure if the flier helps or hurts The Mann or The Man, but we give Vernon credit for keeping it real. 

If Vernon loses, we hope he applies for DeKalb School Superintendent. We think he'd do better than Thurmond.  He's taller and Vernon is open and transparent on his feelings toward much of Dunwoody.

Vernon should have made a dog park flier and passed them out at Brook Run. 

The sheriff doesn't do much up here in Dunwoody. But if we see a couple more cities added in DeKalb look for a movement to consolidate the DeKalb Police Department under the DeKalb Sheriff umbrella. Georgia law puts the sheriff as the top law enforcement puppet in every county.

Get out and vote today. Jack Kingston needs your vote.  DunwoodyTalk was prepared to endorse Vernon, but we'd ruin his puppet scenerio. Plus, we didn't want Mann putting us on a flier pulling Vernon's strings. 

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