Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Dunwoody Dive Season 2014

Dunwoody showed up big time again at the summer league dive championships.  Upstart Mill Glen captured the B Championship trophy and will move up a division next year.  Wynterhall, with its dive membership/recruiting advantage (a kid can join dive team without the requirement of a family membership at the pool), finished 2nd in their division for the upmteenth straight year. Congrats to both teams.

Redfield and Mill Glen are in negotiations to combine dive teams as Redfield has experienced divers in the older age groups while while Mill Glen rules the younger age divisions.

Dunwoody had several podium finishes at the championships at Georgia Tech. 

6u boys
1st - Max Krohn - Branches
3rd - Louis Ryan - Mill Glen

 6u girls
3rd - Lucy Ruark - MG

7/8 girls
2nd - Marie Harris  - MG

9/10 - boys
1st  - Cameron Tutt - MG
2nd - Tim Bradford - DCC 
3rd - Jonathan Spratling - Kingsley

11/12 girls
1st - Lauren Davis - MG (by over 40 points, dominating)
2nd - Avery Maxwell - Kingsley

13/14 Girls
1st - Ellie Crump - Redfield
2nd - Avery Scoggins - Wyntherall 

15u girls
2nd - Sarah Jacobson - Wynterhall

11/12 boys
2nd - Cole Arndt - Wynterhall

15u boys
1st - Harrison Moncino - Branches
2nd Grant Summers - Wynterhall

Mill Glen showing off new hardware
For those unfamiliar with dive meets, they take place on Wednesday nights in Dunwoody.  Fear not, they are over by 8pm at the latest and for those of you with 6 and unders, they are usually done by 6pm.  If you are lucky enough to be in the north division, away meets can be at such posh places as St Ives Country Club and Atlanta Athletic Club with poolside bars open during the meet.  Vermack has had an in-house team for the past 2 summers, so here's hoping they take the "dive" and become an official team for the 2015 season.  Swim Powerhouse Roxboro joined the league this year.

Many homeowners in Dunwoody subdivisions consider the swim team and dive team to be assets to the community, making homes more desirable and more valuable.


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