Monday, July 21, 2014

Do Not Vote for Mike Buck for Georgia School Superintendent

The League of Liberal Women Voters, a self-described non-partisan group, held a forum recently with the four candidates for Georgia State School Superintendent.  As expected, the candidates are not up to speed on much of anything.  No matter who wins, don't expect to see any major changes on how Georgia outspends and under-performs when compared to neighboring states.

But one question at the forum should throw up a red flag for those of us in support of local control and breaking up the monster districts like the failed DeKalb School System.

Head over to DeKalb School Watch (but don't go there daily and read all the great stuff because you will either: 1. Move out of DeKalb or 2. Get deeply involved in trying to make change only to get kicked in the face.

A question was posed to the four candidates regarding allowing GA voters to have a chance to vote to change the state constitution to allow new school districts.  Mike Buck shows his total ignorance on the issue.  Do not vote for Mike Buck.

Q) As you might be aware, there’s a movement in Dunwoody, Ga. to create an independent school system. Georgia’s constitution limits the number of school systems. Would you support a constitutional amendment allowing new cities to create their own school systems?
Buck: “That’s a new one on me. Before I would consider a constitutional amendment to do other things to education, I would like for us very much to fully fund the educational systems that we’ve got and improve upon our past performance.”

Mike Buck is a self-described Republican.  Whatever.  The two answers from the Democrats were far worse, but thankfully neither has a chance at winning.


Although his answer was not perfect, it was far better than Mike Buck's (don't vote for Mike Buck Georgia School Superintendent), DunwoodyTalk supports Richard Woods for Georgia State School Superintendent.  Visit Woods' web site and compare him to his opponent.

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