Wednesday, July 23, 2014

DeKalb Voters Pull the Strings

Voters turned away from Vernon Jones in his bid to become DeKalb's next sheriff.  Vernon dusted off the old DeKalb political playbook and went to Chapter One, Race Un-Relations.  His attempt to make the sheriff race a black/white race (against an opponent who is not white) was unsuccessful.  Had Jones won, however, the chances of a Bill at the Gold Dome to eliminate DeKalb County increased.  As many have said over the years, one key factor in Dunwoody becoming a city was Vernon Jones.  Sure, lots of Farmhousers put in hundreds of hours and lawmakers put us on the ballot, but it was Vernon's actions that put the grease to the wheel.  No Vernon, probably no Dunwoody. And for creating the atmosphere politically to create a City of Dunwoody, we thank you, Vernon. Congrats to Sheriff Mann.

White and Blacks voted against Vernon

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