Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Vernon Jones Speaks for Compromise on Brook Run Dog Park

At Tuesday night's city council meeting in Dunwoody, former DeKalb CEO Vernon Jones spoke at public comment.  Jones spoke during public comment in favor of keeping the dog park at Brook Run and encouraged council to work with both sides to reach an agreement. Jones, a candidate for county sheriff, is the originator of the dog park at Brook Run, placing it here during his tenure as DeKalb CEO.  The official name of the dog park is the Henry Jones Dog Park, named for Jones' dog.  

Park Director, bring back this sign please.  It is the official name of the dog park.

I encourage Dunwoody city council to take to heart the comments of Mr Vernon Jones and work with both sides of this issue.  Mr. Jones admitted the location needs adjusted, but stressed the importance of keeping the dog park.  After his comments to council I spoke to him briefly.  He said he agrees with members of council that the dog park is something Dunwoody needs to keep and improve.  Mr Jones also reminded council that the name of the park is the Henry Jones Dog Park, and he respectfully asked that the sign with the official name again be placed at the park.  I agree with Mr. Jones.  There would be an uproar if we yanked down the huge green letters on the concrete wall honoring Liane Levetan.  If Liane's name stays, so should Henry's.  

In summary, I'll agree with Vernon Jones and Councilman Heneghan - move the dog park away from the homes and make it better. The new location is about 100 feet forward from the current spot.  Although courts and fields are better assets for the community, if we are going to have a dog park we may as well make it better for everyone.

If we are going to have a dog park, and that appears to be the case, let's do like Councilwoman Deutsch suggested and make a park using best practices.  Vernon Jones suggested moving the park forward, away from the homes, but keeping it in the same general area.  That sounds like a great idea.  Thanks for joining us tonight in Dunwoody, Vernon.  I'm sure the dog park fans appreciate your time coming out tonight.

On Food Truck Thursday, a hugely popular event at Brook Run, I had the chance to walk the trail path, taking 8 laps around the entire park.  It was nice to see new concrete poured.  This walking/biking/jogging path is a true success for the park.  Thanks to the mayor, city council, and the parks department on a job well done.

Henry Jones Dog Park

On a separate note for dog owners, a new place is opening soon over by Moe's and Publix.   Unleased by Petco is now between Moe's and the karate place.  And soon the new pizza place will be open.  Of course the parking in this center is HORRIBLE awesome, so adding dogs to a parking lot filled with kids, adults, and cars sounds ideal.  This shopping center is like an all-day center now.  Take the kids to karate, drop off the dog for vaccinations and grooming, grab a Joey Bag of Donuts, get your nails done, then buy lottery tickets at Publix.  All we need in this shopping center now is a staging area for Uber cars or London taxi cabs.

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