Thursday, June 5, 2014

Eliminate DeKalb County

The AJC has a teaser about DeKalb County on its web site HERE. The article mentions interim DeKalb CEO Lee May's new 17-member task force set to find a way "how to fix DeKalb's problems in one fell swoop".  May does not need a fake 17 member task force to give us answers - we know the answer: Eliminate DeKalb County.  The state legislators can do this.  It would also eliminate 25% of their annual headaches.

Recently we heard about Commissioner Elaine Boyer allegedly using her county issued credit card for personal use.  I know that I don't want to pay for Boyer's personal expenses (a ski trip?), and neither do most other DeKalb residents. Boyer made an apology HERE

Believe it or not, I don't think my tax dollars should have been used for DeKalb Commissioner Sharon Barnes Sutton to buy a portrait of Barack 0bama, but I did. See HERE. It sure is easy spending other people's money.  Ms. Sharon, you can get something similar on Amazon for $89.00.

Sharon Barnes Sutton's office
0bama portrait on wall paid for by taxpayers, $1,100.  It will stay in that office when she is no longer a Commissioner.  It is now an asset of DeKalb County.  She said she will buy it when no longer in office.  I think the county has rules on ridding itself of unneeded assets but don't look for those rules to apply.

No questions asked as elected officials donate tax money
DeKalb Commissioner purchased this item with our tax dollars.  Yes, I'd be upset even if it was a Ronald Reagan portrait.

It's been said that DeKalb Commissioner Larry Johnson used some of my confiscated tax dollars ($12,000 of DeKalb County money) to help fund some performing arts center dear to his heart.  How kind, Commissioner Johnson.  Nice of you to spend our tax dollars for such a great cause.  How about using your credit card to give Dunwoody the $7 million you owe us for Brook Run Metro Atlanta Regional Park?  

Commissioner Larry Johnson gave away $12,000 to a performing arts center in his district. A plaque on the wall at the Porter Sanford Performing Arts Center lists Larry Johnson as a Platinum Donor.  If this plaque is due to the $12,000 given (and not any personal funds) then that recognition is a FRAUD and should be removed.  The only true Platinum Donor for that center is the Dekalb County taxpayer.  It looks like he took taxpayer money and gave it away as his own, then accepts credit for the money in the form of being listed as the lone Platinum Donor for the center.   

Apparently there are hundreds of these county credit cards floating around out there.  And now, thankfully, we have the Feds looking into the situation.

This is just the tip of the ice-cream cone here in DeKalb County.  We could talks for days about the county school system, but why bother?

The solution is simple.  Destroy DeKalb County and assign it to neighboring counties, and create Milton County in the process.  I'm sure the receiving counties will support it, even Fulton.  Fulton gets a haircut up top, losing from Sandy Springs all the way north, but gains west DeKalb in the trade.  Of course I'd want Milton to grab us in DeKalb's Dunwoody.

Gwinnett County gets a piece of the pie, as does Rockdale and Henry.  Sorry, Clayton. As much as I'd like to assign part of DeKalb to you, I just can't do it.


GR L said...

Great idea. Good-bye and good riddance.

GR L said...

Never happen but great idea. Stop the theft of tax dollars. Spread the incompetence and corruption around to dilute it. Good-bye and good riddance.