Thursday, June 26, 2014

Dunwoody Week 5 Swim Results

It was a rainy night with lots of lightning.  Nearly all meets were cancelled, resulting in 200-200 'wins' for the teams.  There's always one club, blindly lead by that rampant dad (or mom), insisting on the swim meet to continue.  This dad wants to put kids back in the pool, even with lightning and thunder still in the area, against the ruling of a lifeguard.  But hey, these 'adults' can intimidate a young lifeguard, pressuring him to reopen the pool.  Pitiful.  The true embarrassment is putting kids back in a pool during a storm. Then imagine this 'adult' asking kids from the opposing team why they are leaving the meet.  I know many moms and dads are anxious to win the Dunwoody Cup, the coveted swim team trophy presented annually by DunwoodyTalk, but Wynterhall had the Cup already at the pool, shining it for photos.  Hey moms and dads, let the kids have fun and don't ruin the event because you think your kid is a dominating swimmer.  It's a local swim meet.  If your kid is so good, enter him at the swim championships at GA Tech this weekend and see how he does there.  Where was Captain K. to maintain order?

Wynterhall 504  Deerfield Spal Lakes 274
Congrats to the Wynterhall Warriors, 5-0 on the season and the 2014 Champion of Dunwoody.  See story here. And the Wynterhall parents are the nicest group in town.  If you are looking for a home in Dunwoody, it's hard to beat the cozy and friendly Wynterhall.

Champions of Dunwoody

Dunwoody Country Club  451  Dunwoody North  343
Tough season-ending loss for DN.  The Dunwoody North kids had fun at the Tiki Hut at DCC, but couldn't get it done in the pool.  A long season for DN, with every meet on the road.  But life's not bad if DCC is on your schedule.  

seniors retiring from DN swim team

Note to parents: swim team is fun when you allow the kids to have fun

All other meets were scored 200-200 due to weather. 

2014 Final Standings

Wynterhall #1
Vermack #2
Village Mill #3
Georgetown #4
Dunwoody North #5


Anonymous said...

If Georgetown ended with a 3-2 season beating the branches should they not be in you ranking?

DunwoodyTalk said...

Thanks for pointing out that technical issue. We intended G-town to be in Top #5