Monday, June 2, 2014

Dunwoody Week 2 Swim Meets Preview

Week 2

Zaban at Deerbrooke Waters

Wynterhall at Redfield
This could be the year Wynterhall takes out Redfield, but Austin Mahone may have something to say about that.  Austin Mahone is playing a concert after the Braves game Tuesday night and many tweens/teens from Dunwoody headed to the game and missing the swim meet.

Village Mill at Dunwoody North
Both teams won last week.  Dunwoody North showed the Redfield the kiddie pool while Village Mill had a tougher match. Expect Village Mill to win this one by 50.

Vermack at Brookwood Hills
This could be Vermack's only loss of the season as they face SuperClub rival Brookwood Hills.  BH has a new weapon in the pool, the 7&8 year old boys, dominating this division.  The bullfrogs crushed Hanover West last week

Roxboro at The Branches
The Branches and Mill Glen did not have their meet last week due to many kids still in school (rescheduled for June 12, when even more kids will be away on vacation) so we have no clue as to The Branches team this year.  They face 1-0 Roxboro. Hard to beat The Branches at home as home-pool advantage is a factor here.  

Mill Glen at Hanover West
Hanover West had a rough meet last week against Brookwood Hills and look to rebound this week against Mill Glen.  We are pulling in our hearts for Mill Glen but putting our money on HW.

Kingsley at Fontainebleu

Georgetown at Garden Hills

Week 1 Rankings are difficult.  Two teams have not dipped toes in the water and no head-to-head meets for comparisons. But the show must go on.

#1  Vermack (1-0)

#2  Kingsley (1-0)

#3  Mill Glen  (0-0)

#4  Village Mill (1-0)

#5  Georgetown  (0-1)

After the swim meet opt for a fresh burger and spicy fries at Village Burger, or some custard for that winning backstroker.  Don't settle for half-priced swim meet burgers at 9:30 when you can get a fresh, made to order samich at VB

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