Friday, June 13, 2014

Dunwoody Swim Week 3

Village Mill 395  Kingsley 379
Not since Johnny Weismuller have we seen such a winning streak in the pool as we had with the swim team at Kingsley.  But, as predicted HERE last week, the Kingsley streak is over.  The fine children of Village Mill defeated Kingsley this week 395-379.  Village Mill has a great meet next week against rival Mill Glen, our Meet of the Week (Comcast, live on Channel 846).  Kingsley goes to Brittany Club.

The Branches 422  Mill Glen 366

Zaban at Redfield - RAIN

Wynterhall 511  Deerbrooke Waters 259
Our good friends at Wynterhall move to 3-0 on the season.  Wynterhall now has its eyes set on a 5-0 season and a post-season party to celebrate.  After last week's out-of-hand celebration in the streets, it was calm this week as they take the win in stride.  With Huntcliff and Deerfield SL remaining we think da Hall goes 5-0.

Vermack 486  Fontainebleu 297
The Mack is Back!  After a beat-down last week, the Mack bounces back and trounces a local team.  Losing by only 200 is not that bad considering Vermack's star-studded lineup.  The Mack has a tough one next week with rival Garden Hills, then finishes the season at Mill Glen.

Dunwoody North 455  Huntcliff 341
The skies were dark, the river was swelling, and the meet was postponed. But fear not, Dunwoody North came back the next night and took care of business over in Sandy Springs.  After feeding the horses and skipping stones in the river, DN swimmers ate burgers and hot dogs and won some races. Dunwoody North should win their final two of the season.  Maybe DN should always have away meets.  

Huntley Hills 470 Deerfield Spal Lakes 288 

Rain Delay

Dunwoody North Swim Team 2014

A few more meets were postponed.  We'll update this post as they are completed.

 Week 3 Rankings
Wynterhall #1    last week #4)
Dunwoody North #2 (last week #2)
Vermack #2    (last week #3)
Kingsley #4    (last week #1)
The Branches #5    (last week #5)

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