Tuesday, June 10, 2014

DeKalb Commissioners Aim to Spend Millions for YMCA for South DeKalb Residents Free Use

DeKalb Commissioners do not yet have enough'Yes' votes to spend $5 million for YMCA.
Glad to see Elaine Boyer voted against the deal.

DeKalb Commissioners Aim to Spend Millions for YMCA for South DeKalb Residents Free Use

The DeKalb County Commissioners will vote this week to buy or not buy the South DeKalb YMCA, using $5 million of taxpayer funds. DeKalb residents in certain ZIP codes will have membership fees waived (30346, 30338, 30350 not included, in case you were wondering).

See HERE: http://t.crossroadsnews.com/news/2014/jun/06/controversial-agreement-ymca-brings-out-friends-fo/

and HERE: http://t.crossroadsnews.com/news/2014/apr/11/dekalb-county-acquire-south-dekalb-ymca/

No news yet if the commissioners will simply pool their county P-Card limits and run the purchase through Visa or MasterCard.

Meanwhile, Dunwoody residents still wait on the $7 million owed for Brook Run (look at your recent tax statement and you'll see we continue to pay the Parks bond and will continue to pay.

In local parks news, look for Dunwoody council to spend money on a new dog park. This new location will experience the same issues as the current spot. And future councils can vote to move the dog park every five years until the entire park has had a taste of canine urine and Fido droppings. Our grandkids will be so proud that the dogs have had such a great time over the years.

"Granddaddy, remember all the fun times we had together watching the dogs play at Brook Run? It was so nice of the city to dedicate money and that rare park space for the dogs. I didn't really need a place to play at that park. Brookhaven and Sandy Springs people were thoughtful enough to put in some sports fields for me and my friends."

The good parks news for the day is that the new park at Georgetown is a nice place for smaller kids in that area.  The city did a nice job there. 


Anonymous said...

I've really had it with these demanding whiny-ass dog park fanatics. Time to remove the dog park completely! They write that they don't want the dog park moved because they would have to share a parking lot with the skaters and would have to sit in the sun while their dogs exercise???!!! Well la dee da dee da!

And all these pro-dog park letters are folks from OUTSIDE of Dunwoody, who threaten us with economic ruin because they won't buy the occasional giant Mars bar that they munch on while sitting in the shade while their dogs exercise.

Well, kiss my big fat butt! Remove the dog park in its entirety (surprised that folks whose homes border the park have been able to stand the stench this long), and you can just buy your five dollar giant candy bar at the Sandy Springs, Brookhaven, Roswell, Doraville grocery, or wherever the hell you hail from. Your economic boycott ain't gonna break us, and we can really do without the threats and additional traffic from outsiders. Put down the candy and walk your dogs in your OWN town, not ours! Bother your own city council with your petty childish demands. Phffft!!!

Max said...

Glad Anon above has had this little moment to vent He/She/It's spleen for us all to enjoy.

Remember, folks, we are changing Dunwoody slogan from "Smart City," to either "NO!" or "We're not Happy, until you're NOT Happy."

Rick, you do the Community a nice service with your incisive research on all matters education related. Conversely, hating on the Dog Park only divides Dunwoody - SEE New slogan, above.

Ample space in Brook Run for ALL amenities, really there is.

Arguing against a Dog Park is like saying Hoegaarden Beer is a nothing more than purified Pooch Pee Lite.

Glad you are back online, we are all better for it - Most of the time...

Happy Fathers Day, as well!

Anonymous said...

It is the dog park and the city wasting money on it that divides the city, not this blog reporting on it.

Max said...


The dog park is dividing Dunwoody, thus vindicating your choice of slogan:

- "NO!"
- "We're not Happy, until you're NOT Happy."

I agree dough spent studying a relocation of the Dog Park, which is slenderly opposed, makes little sense to me. A compromise, like Councilors' Heneghan and Nall suggested could have been implemented for what was spent, instead.

Our private partners keep our public officials mighty busy...

I'm just sayin' as somebody else says.