Monday, June 2, 2014

50 New Homes in Dunwoody Vermack Road

Over off Vermack Road in Dunwoody you'll find approximately 35 acres of undeveloped land - quite a rare find in metro Atlanta.  The property owners have decided to exercise their right to sell the property.  The new owner, Ashton Atlanta Residential, LLC, will develop this land and build 50 new homes.  

The homes will range in price from $700,000 to $1,000,000 and will be between 3,800-5000 square feet.  The lots will range from 15,000 to 30,000 square feet.

The new community, Heritage of Dunwoody, will have a sidewalk on Vermack and internal sidewalks as well.  A representative from Ashton Woods Developments said they will not come in and clear cut the land to start the project.  Roads will be cut first, then individual lots.  Trees will be replanted, as required by city code, within the development.  The stream buffer and flood plane will be observed and the developer is not seeking any variances or rezoning (the land is zoned for residential currently).

The community will have a main entrance on Vermack with no immediate plans for connectivity to neighboring communities (Village Mill).

If you've ever been to the wonderful Village Mill neighborhood you'll know they have a great pool and two sets of tennis courts.  The tennis courts furthest from the parking lot is not owned by 'Village Mill', but by the same folks who just sold the large chunk of land to the developer.  There is an agreement in place (for 15 more years) for the tennis courts to stay 'Village Mill' courts, but there is a possibility that could change sooner than 15 years.  The tennis court section could be divided into home lots (perhaps six) as a Phase 2 of the community.

There will not be a pool or new tennis courts built in this community.  Expect new homeowners to join Vermack or Village Mill.  I'd expect many to join Village Mill as kids will be able to access Village Mill's pool without crossing Vermack.  Of course the legendary Vermack swim team will recruit any Dynamo kids moving in. Look for a walking trail within the community, leading toward the Village Mill pool area.  This could be a big boost to the Village Mill swim and tennis club.  We see an expansion of the Strawberry Festival and more kids on the swim team.  With 50 homes you should expect 80-100 school-aged kids (K-12).

Since this land is zoned 'residential' and the developer is not seeking any variances or rezoning, this is a done-deal, so keep your Red Shirts in the closet and please don't bother printing 'Save the Vermack Forest' signs.  The DunwoodyTalk Venison Club has offered to aid in the 'relocation' of all Odocoileus virginianus on site.

Welcome, Heritage at Dunwoody. 

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