Monday, May 5, 2014

New TOPpings Coming Soon

What's old is new.  Just like parachute pants, Genesee Cream Ale,  and Chuck Taylor shoes, all good things come back to us.   A new pizza place is coming to Dunwoody.  The site used to be home to a Pizza Hut (and more recently High Cotton and Peter's).  

The owner is razing/raising the roof and brings competition for Mellow Mushroom.  Mellow Mushroom has owned the pizza market in da Vil for two decades.  Mellow Mushroom has great food and the kids love it.  I believe Mellow Mushroom has the best beer selection in da Vil.  But can they hang on to the pizza title going into the fall of 2014?  What project will be completed first: Dunwoody Village Parkway or the new pizza shop?

Village Burger still holds the title of best burger in Dunwoody.  Cafe at Pharr the best chicken salad sandwich. 

Finally, here is a good post over at King John's blog:  "Look Up"

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