Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Who makes it to the March City Manager Madness Final Four?

Sustainable Pattie versus Captain Kingsley
"When push comes to shove, do you want the one who gets you across the street or the one who makes sure you eat?" That was the question posed by Sustainable Pattie today at media day as we preview the Great8 games.  Held at the Old Hickory House this morning, team representatives met with media.  "I appreciate his ability to walk to school, but can Captain Crunch grow a radish?  Does he know when to plant garlic?"  In response, an obviously irritated Captain Kingsley snapped back, "I wear a cape!  And I have my own videos over at the Kingsley school web site.  This city needs a new big toe, a new Sgt. Hulka.  I'm that guy.  As a bonus you get Princess Comet."  The latest Vegas line shows Sustainable Pattie as a 3 point favorite.  "I know DunwoodyTalk does that gardening stuff with Pattie, but it better not influence this game," said Captain Kingsley.

Norb versus MengHouseTony

This is the game that has everyone talking.  Two friends, forced to be foes.  They sit beside each other on the all-powerful Community Council and share tea at the Liberty Cafe.  But all that is behind them now.  The prize of becoming Dunwoody's next city manager is within reach, and these two men are drooling to get the big chair at city hall.  Norb is the #1 seed out of the SaveDunwoodyPac8 conference and is the favorite, but MengHouseTony may have one more surprise under his hat.

GaryRayBetz versus TheOtherDunwoody
Not since the steam car wash moved into their Mt Vernon/Chamblee Dunwoody location have we seen this much buzz around town. TOD has been busy with his own blog where he's been renaming streets and preparing fancy meals.  GRB is focused on the prize, but new data from the Cherokee Casino sports book show TOD a 2.5 point favorite.

Danny911Ross versus Heyward
Heyward has his work cut out in this battle.  Danny has been traveling back and forth from Cajun Country, learning some new tricks.  He has the newest version of FinalCutPro and ready to edit and render Heyward from the scene.  Danny favored by 5.

Our big-time sponsorship deal fell through after intense negotiations, so we are opening it back up.  We expect big blog numbers when the March City Manager Madness Final Four is announced on Thursday morning.  A typical Final Four sponsorship would ideally involve at least a large pizza and pitcher of beer, or perhaps a tub of original style chicken salad, or maybe two free breakfasts. 

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